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I'm going to write some posts in reverse chronological order. I have a backlog of stuff I need to post about but for now, let's just stick with what I'm doing.

I just got back from a trip to Guelph, Toronto, Norfolk and Boston. For the trip, knowing that Mark was reading it, I took The Book Thief out of the library on audiobook. I'm now sitting at work starting into his reviews (having finally finished reading his Mockingjay reviews and crying about them all over again).

I've said before that I didn't really like The Book Thief. The narration style was not for me and the story itself dragged. I also, however, noted that some of that might have to do with the fact that I was listening to it as an audiobook when it's become even more clear from Mark's reviews that this book should be read.

I have something to say in defense of audiobooks though: they create a strange link between book and situation. As I read clips from the first few chapters of the book, I'm jerked vividly back to the Guelph bus terminal, cold rain falling on my face, the smell of bus fuel in my nose, waiting in the wind for the bus driver to let us board. As I continue reading, I remember listening to this book on the long bus ride that followed and how I kept having to listen to pieces over again because I'd fall asleep (as I said, it drags). When I was in Paris, I listened to a book while I was walking around and reading that book can still recall me to Parisian streets. The end of the book I listened to while walking around Boston so that should be more interesting.

Back to Mark. Maybe reading his reviews will change my mind about the books.
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