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Hey look, I'm remembering to post to my LJ and I'm even doing it from my dreamwidth.

Watching I, Robot (pretty good so far) and pretending that I'm doing work.

My friends are all at AN this weekend. Sad I'm not there.

This week has been a bit busy. I'm working full time now at my Mom's office doing data entry. It's tedious but I actually enjoy it and it's giving me the opportunity to listen to some audio books.

I've also got 3 job things happening now; only a week ago I had 0. I don't know if any of them are going to work out or how I feel about them but it's nice to know something will happen eventually even if none of these opportunities work out.

I've been downloading and watching a lot of Power Rangers lately. Feel free to judge.

Last night I had a dream that Tasha had a bunch of kittens but couldn't keep them so her borther and father (neither of whom I've ever met) came to destroy them but they were too cute so I stole them. I was going to keep them locked in my room so my dad's allergies wouldn't be aggravated. The kittens were really cute.

Go Canucks!


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