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Hello Dreamwidth/Livejournal,

I have a lot of thoughts and feeling today - way too many for twitter - and it's a slow enough day that I might get the chance to actually write them down so here I go:

After spending last week at the cottage, I'm super homesick for Ontario. I think I have enough experience now to pick up and leave and grab something better over there. I do feel some loyalty towards my company but I also feel like I've paid my dues. I have spent the last three days mostly convinced that I should make a goal to move back to Ontario next fall.

Most of my hesitation comes from how much work has been done in my house. Really I'm a little stressed at how much work (and money) my mom's putting into making my house awesome because it makes me feel like I have to stay and appreciate it. Things like the gardens, where we've put hundreds of dollars worth of plants and days of our time, make me especially reluctant to walk away. She's so much more invested in my house than I am. She also got my uncle to come down and put a lot of work into it and he flat out told me he'd be disappointed if I didn't continue living there and enjoying the work he's done.

I'm still not sure what my career goals are - I need to think about it as I'm planning on taking some classes in the winter and I want them to be relevant to my goals, not just the company's goals especially if I'm not sticking around. Anyone know what environmental skills are in demand in Ontario right now? I'm leaning towards hydrogeology.

I sort of adopted a kitty last night. I don't have it yet but I agreed to take it. It's a cat that belongs to a friend of the family but they're not able to take care of it due to spending months away and their daughter's fiance's allergies. They wanted it to go to a home where it could be loved and I want a kitty, so it works out. It might make the place a little harder to rent, but I'll survive. I only hope the cat gets along with my roommate's dog for the next few weeks; my roommate sold her house and will be moving out by the end of September.

By the way, if anyone knows anyone looking for a room, send them my way.

I also got to ride some ponies in Ontario and now I'm back on the trail of trying to find a barn here in Calgary ... again, I should just move back to Ontario.

Oh wow, today has turned some things on their head. Okay, with respect to that 'send roommates my way' thing, pick one that likes cats and can take care of mine when I'm gone? Apparently, after months of not having work and being stuck in the office, work's trying to triple book my fall. They're sending me away next week and the following week and for most of October. With all the client turnover, who knows where our new sites will be located ... but I want a cat and I don't want to take back my offer to my friend to look after it. What do I do?

My boss also casually asked me today if I wanted to move to Edmonton. I don't think he was kidding. I should have told him I'll start an office in Guelph instead.


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When it rains, it pours...right?



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