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Well it's been a full week since Con-G ended and I still haven't posted anything on here. I may finally be caught back up on sleep; I got the chance to slow down and veg today after spending the rest of the week at meetings, working and doing a lot of grocery shopping and cooking for Mom's dinner event yesterday.

Amy was home for reading week and we, with [livejournal.com profile] katrin tried out hand at hot and sour soup and succeeded surprisingly well. Will have to do again.

Con-G was a huge success. We had 700 people, a growth rate of 35%, ended up in the black and had one of the best voice actors ever both in terms of his level of fame and his fit with our convention. Almost everything went smoothly with only minor drama. Everyone enjoyed themselves and our constructive feedback has mostly been contradictory so we feel that's a good sign. We're already formulating big plans for Con-G 2012 and our fifth anniversary in 2013.

It was so nice to be back in Guelph and hanging out with my friends there even though we were all ridiculously busy. A friend from Toronto came up to see me and a bunch of friends from Waterloo came down.

In the meantime, I will be heading back to Ontario in March for a wedding and then heading down to Boston for MJ. I have booked my flights and I'm super excited about it (though I really need to work hard between now and then).

In the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, we're finally getting some good curling in the last game, which I'm enjoying watching now as I switch back and forth from the Red Carpet (I really don't care about the awards since I've seen none of the movies - so far behind). I'm also way behind on my TV and have been catching up on them today but am still super behind.
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I was just going to write an e-mail to [livejournal.com profile] the_antichris, [livejournal.com profile] strayfish and [livejournal.com profile] blademistress, but I thought I'd put it here instead since they all have LJ and someone else might want to read it. Fair warning, this is going to be tl:dr. I'll try to keep my points short Dragon Age )

ETA: Lol; I've been working on this post for over a week. Finally finished it in the plane.
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So does anyone else feel like you just want to run away and go somewhere where no one knows you in order to escape your own perception that everyone is or should be upset with you and it's too much effort to try and fix it?

Wow, I really do only use LJ for stereotypically emo things ... that was almost short enough for a tweet too.

On another note, did anyone else as a child try to anal-retentively use only one of the toilet stalls in their school's public washroom and get kind of annoyed if someone else was already in it upon entering the bathroom? I keep thinking about that when I'm at work recently.

These two thoughts are in no way connected ... maybe I should go outside or something ... clear out the crazy from my head.
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So not impressed with the Holiday Inn. *grumble*
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So this trend is starting to become problematic.

I managed to book theatre tickets for tomorrow when I meant to buy them for Sunday. If Cthylla hadn't noticed, we would have all been very disappointed campers on Sunday. Also, Narikalen might not be able to go tomorrow. FML! When did I start to be so unreliable?!
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Hey Calgary peeps,

I'm playing a game. You might enjoy it. It's called my hands have poison on them. I've purchased little skull and cross bones stickers. If you see me with any of my fingers in my mouth, remind me that I've just died and I will put a skull sticker on my calendar instead of a star for that day. The goal, of course, is to stop biting my nails. Thought I'd let everyone in on the fun.

Feel free to let me know I'm dead in whatever manner you choose. Take out your frustrations on me! Come visit me on days when you want to kill someone because I can guarantee I'll slip up often.
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Yesterday mom told me that she's annoyed when she gets home from work and I don't have dinner ready. I suppose this is fair. I'm technically home all day and in her position I would probably feel the same.

So I made a decision that I would try and be in charge of dinner more often. It's now 5:30 pm. The ONLY thing I've gotten done today is making dinner. Now I'M feeling passive aggressive because if I hadn't been so focused on making dinner, I would have gotten other stuff done.

I've discovered that when I have 6 hours to make dinner, it will take me 6 hours regardless of whether or not it should only take one. This isn't Mom's fault, but she can't understand why I need to get something else crossed off on my priority list first before I can concentrate on cooking and sometimes it takes me until after she's home to get to a place where I can do that.

Also, I've fallen into the habit of going to bed at 2 am and getting up at 9, so having dinner ready by 4 doesn't really fit into the natural place where I'm hungry enough to be interested in making it. *sigh*

I have absolutely no right to complain about being expected to do chores while living for free under my parents' roof, but what a waste of a day.

PS. I had H5O on in the background of my cooking and found it dull. I think I'm going to give up on it. Sorry to all my friends who are fans; I wanted to like it, I did.
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My forgotten love of SG1 )

I may have to start a rewatch of SG1.

We also discovered that the cafe near my house that I kept meaning to try is actually really cool and has awesome gelato so yeah, returning there especially once I have income.

and then something about Dr. Who )

We also played Pandemic because I was holding Cthylla's copy hostage and it was really intriguing. It's a game where you have to team up with the other players in order to prevent a global pandemic. You have to actually work with the other players. I've never played a board game like that. We nearly lost. It was harrowing.

You know you have been playing too much dragon age when )
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The Guardian Project. Stan Lee creates a superhero mascot for each NHL team. brb loling.

I'd heard about this before but after being entertained for about three seconds, I forgot about it. Today, however, there was an article in the paper about the Calgary Flames' mascot The Flame.

He can summon a herd of fiery steeds to trample and incinerate his enemies. BEST SUPERPOWER EVER.

Apparently there are actually going to be comics. Also, I'm tempted to watch the All Star game just for the big reveal.

(still loling)
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Oh yeah, I remember now why I hadn't come on LJ already today; Haven't watched White Collar yet.

APEGGA wants $140 from me, which is not a lot for a professional organization, but the thought of giving them that much money just to have access to their members list makes me want to gouge out an eye ...
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Oh, I forgot to put in my earlier message. My parents are in Europe until Thursday. Dad's on a business trip and mom's going along. Before they left, I told the friends they're going with that they had to make sure my mom got in at least some trouble.

As a result, I keep getting messages from them that I find supremely amusing:
Message 1:
Hi Teri, here's your Mom in Lugano. Little did I realize what a challenge
you gave me. However, I've deputized my wife to help out with this assignment
and, with a weekend in Milan coming up, I'm optimistic that I'll have
something more exciting to report in a few days.

Message 2:
Greetings from Milan. Here is the latest status update. This is a pic of
your mother and my wife working their way through a bottle of Chianti. So far
the things are unfolding as planned. My wife is taking one for the team.
Actually not that much of a sacrifice.
Tomorrow and Sunday are days off so we will focus on the assignment. More

Message 3 - Just a subject line:
Your mother just chugged a beer in the pub! Progress!!

Combined with:
Well, here we are in London. As you can see, your Mom and Dad are
acclimatizing well. The beer is warm, the food cold! None the less, a great
experience. You can't beat a British pub. Next stop Paris on Tuesday. Will
report then.

Most of these have pictures attached but as I fail at LJ picture posting, you don't get them. They're not overly exciting - just pictures of my mom holding various alcoholic drinks.
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NCIS 806 )

I now am going to go watch a bunch of AMVs to try and find a selection that we want to show at Con-G. If anyone ([livejournal.com profile] otsquee, [livejournal.com profile] stickmarionette, [livejournal.com profile] strayfish and anyone else who might actually watch AMVs) has suggestions, let me know because having actual recs would make my life so much ... faster.
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Woke up this morning at 7:30 prepared to update my to do list, get [livejournal.com profile] simsabalim's package sent to her, and then start finishing my to do list before leaving to go to my job at noon.

Got up, let the dog out. Froze. Crawled back into bed, shivering. Decided to read my book until the sun came up and provided some illusion of it not being 10 degrees in my house. Got engrossed in said book and didn't manage to do anything except get up, get bundled up and eat something before heading out.

It takes me 45 minutes to walk to work so a nice bit of exercise but a bit much to do in both directions.

The Young Environmental Professionals meeting tonight should be interesting and maybe I can get some of that stuff done tonight; the plan was to send the parcel on the way to work tomorrow ...
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Last night I had a dream that my house was on fire and because my mom had refused to pay some dick contractor for shoddy work, he had somehow managed to get us put on a list of houses the firefighters weren't allowed to go to. So we sat out in the cold waiting to see where the flames would go while Mom frantically tried to get it sorted out.

The scariest part was waking up and realizing that my dream fire was completely unrealistic and would have consumed everything and I probably would have died of smoke inhalation though the smoke thing is what convinced me that my house waasn't actually on fire when I woke up.

Not fun.

Now onto another crazy day in which I have exactly 4 things planned that will take up all my time and leave me not getting any work done again.


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