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The Guardian Project. Stan Lee creates a superhero mascot for each NHL team. brb loling.

I'd heard about this before but after being entertained for about three seconds, I forgot about it. Today, however, there was an article in the paper about the Calgary Flames' mascot The Flame.

He can summon a herd of fiery steeds to trample and incinerate his enemies. BEST SUPERPOWER EVER.

Apparently there are actually going to be comics. Also, I'm tempted to watch the All Star game just for the big reveal.

(still loling)
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Oh, I forgot to put in my earlier message. My parents are in Europe until Thursday. Dad's on a business trip and mom's going along. Before they left, I told the friends they're going with that they had to make sure my mom got in at least some trouble.

As a result, I keep getting messages from them that I find supremely amusing:
Message 1:
Hi Teri, here's your Mom in Lugano. Little did I realize what a challenge
you gave me. However, I've deputized my wife to help out with this assignment
and, with a weekend in Milan coming up, I'm optimistic that I'll have
something more exciting to report in a few days.

Message 2:
Greetings from Milan. Here is the latest status update. This is a pic of
your mother and my wife working their way through a bottle of Chianti. So far
the things are unfolding as planned. My wife is taking one for the team.
Actually not that much of a sacrifice.
Tomorrow and Sunday are days off so we will focus on the assignment. More

Message 3 - Just a subject line:
Your mother just chugged a beer in the pub! Progress!!

Combined with:
Well, here we are in London. As you can see, your Mom and Dad are
acclimatizing well. The beer is warm, the food cold! None the less, a great
experience. You can't beat a British pub. Next stop Paris on Tuesday. Will
report then.

Most of these have pictures attached but as I fail at LJ picture posting, you don't get them. They're not overly exciting - just pictures of my mom holding various alcoholic drinks.
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The radio this morning told us about an earthquake somewhere around here and how all the residents went to high ground because they were concerned about a tsunami. A tsunami actually did hit; it was 22 cm tall. Baby tsunami!!!! So cute.

Watched the first ep of Sherlock last night. For those of you who don’t have twitter, I’ll try to sum up my reactions. )

In ATLA news, Ember Island Players is even more clever the second time around. Tonight [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick watch the final 4 episodes. Dun dun dun!
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I read about this in the paper this morning An Italian truck spilled 2 million Euro. People on the motorway highway (I've been in NZ too long) absconded with at least 10k in coinage. Lol.

Also, there's a curling competition happening in the south island right now. It's one of only 3 times in the past 14 years that the resevoir in question has been frozen enough to complete the bonspiel (the NZ paper didn't know enough to call it that).

Meanwhile, NY is experiencing record-breaking hot weather. Global climate change: Not a myth.
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Oh Haiii LJ!

It's come to my attention that there are a lot of LJ posts I should be making. Lazy.

Last week, once I'd returned from the South Island, C caught me up on DW. I think I watched 7 eps in a week. It was an overload of awesome. I couldn't process. Wish I'd been able to watch it as it came out since that level of awesome would have sunk in better. Of course, I could not stop watching them once I'd started.
cut for possible spoilers )

I also accidentally finished FMA ... on the same day. I thought 'oh, my brain's overloaded with DW, I'm just going to catch up on the last couple chapters of FMA I haven't read to calm my brain down before bed.' MISTAKE! In fact, I don't know where that idiodic thought even came from as FMA is only slightly less intense than DW and I'm only slightly less invested in it.
again cut for possible spoilers )

In other randomly entertaining news, my computer did something the other day that just needed to be screencapped:

Other stuff going on with me ... will get a separate post (or 2) I think.
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This ad is on NZ television right now and I love it. Cosplayers will appreciate:
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This morning:
me: street view doesn't even go to Edmonton. poor Edmonton
Caitlin: LOL I would have thought Edmonton would get it
me: I know!
me: Quebec city is also shafted as are Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Caitlin: Well, they'll come along eventually. Except maybe Sask and Mani.... they did say it would be large cities ^_~
me: I'm pretty sure Winnipeg and Saskatoon are at least as large as Kitchener, though maybe not the whole tri-cities. Dunno
Caitlin: A friend of a friend was asking today if Google Street View was live
me: ROFL! It'd be like in Portal! You could go find the cameras, kill them and then GLADOS would say 'vital testing aparatus destroyed'
Caitlin: Hilarious!
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[livejournal.com profile] sammysam sent me this this morning: This article about an amazing boy in Africa and it pretty much made my day.

And now, My tribute to Neil Patrick Harris, in case anyone hasn't seen these )
Be sure to check out the last one.

Sonata Arctica concert tonight!! Yay!
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This has probably been floating around for a while but I hadn't seen it when Amy showed it to me yesterday and it's hilarious
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Okay my grandparents and I were just out for dinner (really nice little restaurant in Brockville btw; totally go if you're ever here). The restaurant has a couple of rooms that you can stay in attached to it.
Anyway, some guy walks in with this hot 20-something guy at his side. A woman who is eating in the restaurant recognizes him and calls him over, at which point he introduces hot 20-something as his yoga instructor. At this point, I have to try not to choke on my food.
They then leave the restaurant, which indicates to me that they weren't there to eat.

My grandmother was confused by my reaction and I told her I'd tell her later. In the car ride home I amused my grandparents with my story of how the man brought his yoga instructor in with him, was called over by someone he knew and exited, having become too embarrassed by being recognized to inquire about renting a room. I thought this was the natural conclusion for me to have reached. Back me up here? *grin*
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So funny story:

I was cycling to the polling office today to cast my away-from-home ballot in Canada's upcoming federal election and I passed these two guys on the street and heard a snippet of their conversation.

The one guy said to the other, "I stuck my hand in my fan yesterday and it really messed me up! I mean, my hand is all cut up. It's a cheap fan so I didn't think it could do that but it is kinda dirty and I think the dirt must have made it really sharp."

No word of a lie. Made my day.
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I have a point in my notes that says "ask if bylaw zoning amendment is required before talking to the met tower" Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to talk to the met tower ... I wonder what I was trying to write ...?

I updated my computer yesterday and now Vista loves me more! Yay! Also, my MSN sounds are working, which gives me hope that my microphone might also be working better so I can actually use it. I haven't tried it out yet though.

[livejournal.com profile] narikalen, [livejournal.com profile] teddy0bear and I went Halloween costume shopping on the weekend and in Value Village, I found Winter of Fire !!!!! I was looking for The Hatchet for Nari's class! The world works in strange ways. I went all bouncy and scared them.
Also fun was the three of us singing Raffi at the top of our lungs and seriously disturbing the 4 year olds.

The new third season West Wing links on tv-links aren't working for me, which makes me very, very sad. I need to borrow NCIS from Nikki to make me feel better. Or maybe I'll just finally get around to watching Bleach.

Reunion sucked. Doppleganger was good because of the OMG slash, but is it just me or is Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite's acting worse in SGA then in their other respective shows?
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You know what's nice? Being able to eat hagelslag without worrying about moths.
That's probably a really vague statement to all but about 3 people on my friends list ... we had a moth infestation in our house in Guelph last year and they were getting in everything so everytime we opened something we would worry that little green worms were going to be in it. Also, for those of you that don't know, hagelslag is Dutch for chocolate sprinkles that go on bread ;)

One of the people who works here whose English is slightly less good, just wrote me an e-mail entitled 'Ducks and Cocks' *snerk* I know what he meant ... but ... yeah.
Reminds me of yesterday when there were people banging around upstairs and I said maybe someone dropped something and one of Jeff's friends Greg said 'naw, the Germans have good hands' and I replied 'You would know'. Went way over his head but Jess laughed pretty hard.
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The wind is seeking something today. It's strong enough to knock you off your feet; I literally nearly fell over when I walked outside this morning. But it's not angry ... just ... confused ... or upset ...

In other news, Lori wanted to buy the latest brand of some ski ... I guess the final design for them was released yesterday and her friend sent her the link for them:
Absolutely made my day. I could not stop laughing. She was so angry about it. Her direct quote "A care bear puked on them"
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yeah ...

I'm almost caught up in the comic ... then what am I going to do?!
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I ate a vagina today.
... yes it cost me money ... yes it was made of chocolate ... *glowers*
I went to see the vagina monologues with Tabby and Jon.

I bought my bus tickets to Baltimore and I bought myself candy (some of which was given to May to make her feel better about the onslaught of engineering students at the Campus Printing where she works).

Tabby and I were talking about how my uncle (and the rest of my family) has hemachromatosis, which means he has too much iron in his blood. She was explaining to me that hema is derived from iron and often refers to blood and osis means an excess. I asked her where the chrome part came from and she said she didn't know, so I said that it obviously meant that there was too much chrome in his blood and he's turning into a robot. She said that he'd be affected by the electromagnetic forces of the planet and I decided that he wasn't being affected by them, he was being controlled by them and obviously our abused planet is taking control and turning humans into super leet assassin robots that it can control using planetary EMF fields! ... I'm now scared of my uncle :p
Also, I think I should write this ...

Okay, so I went to go swimming at around 3 today. When I got to the pool, I discovered that they had already closed off public access to the pools for the swim meet that's happening this weekend. So much for that. I whined to someone about wanting exercise and not being able to get it, and she asked me, with some scorn, why I didn't just go for a walk instead. The feel of the water as it glides over you, both resisting your motion and holding you up; the grace of travelling between the air and the water, knowing that your strokes are sure and effective; the coolness of it against flushed skin and the feel of the eddies between your feet as you kick ... Does no one but me understand? ... possibly I'm creeping people out here ....

The classics club is going to try and do an advanced screening of 300. I definately signed up right at the top of the list.

Have now seen 3x04 of Atlantis and 10x03 of SG-1 for anyone who is keeping tabs. I'm trying to catch up so I can once again read my friend's posts :p
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CSI last night was not the best story they've ever come up with, because it was an easy case to crack. It was, however, kind of fun. And Amy and I had a discussion about which female CSI character was the hottest and it amused me.
I should know better than to start reading Kate Forsythe novels at 11. I told myself that I'd read a couple pages ... 50 pages and an hour later and I had a very difficult time getting up this morning. Honestly, what is it about the way that woman writes? I mean, the book isn't spectacular ... it's like she laces the pages with some addictive narcotic ...
Oh, on the level of hilarious, there's a character named Katrin. Well, okay, she's not a character so much as a mention ... one of the other characters relates how she went out with Katrin on her first city leave and Katrin drank some fuzzle gin and threw up all over Felice's shoes and couldn't go to class the next day. *grin*
So today's my last day. Not really that much to do; just tying up loose ends like binders I have that belong to other people and letting people know my home e-mail ... I'll be sad to go though. We're going out to the Barclay's patio for lunch today because it's freakin' nice outside. I'm hoping there will be pitchers of beer involved so I'd best get my work done this morning ...
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Sluggy this morning:
"Lemme grab my violin so I can brain you with it"
I'm so going to use that!
I'm really giddy this morning and there's absolutely no reason for me to be ... I think I'm going to crash by noon ...


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