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Alright, I'm going to post early today before anyone else gets here to give me a tonne of work to do.
Thursday night last week I didn't hear what was happening with my usual Thursday night buddies because they were all out partying for the UofC's last day. So, I went over to Earl's with Tasha, [livejournal.com profile] narikalen and [livejournal.com profile] teddy0bear instead. We ate appetizers and deserts and tried out a bunch of their drinks and all was good. I was tired after being up since 5 taking soil samples, but it was still worth it and I got to see Tasha.
Then on Friday, Pei-Yun and Nikki came over and we watched some more Kyou Kara before Pei-Yun had to go to work. Amy and I made Dad come with us to a Theatre Calgary play instead of going to watch more curling. It was nice to spend time with him, but the play was kind of meh.
Saturday was a lot of fun. The three of us got together again and headed over to Kensigton. We wandered around through used book stores and CD stores and toy shops with fun marble works. We ate Indian food for lunch and free Easter Eggs being handed out by people dressed up as fluffy bunnies for dessert. For the most part, we didn't find anything exciting, but one of the used book stores had some really good comic trades that Pei-Yun bought for her friend that I'm reading before she gives them to her *inner Teri does a victory dance*.
That book store had Anne Bishop's Pillars of the World, so I got it and I got Revelation and Transformation by Carol Berg. For those of you not in the knowing, those are my two favourite authors currently, so it was a good haul. I also bought some used manga. Good store.
I bought myself three rings because ... well, because I couldn't leave any of them behind, they all fit and I needed some after losing two in the last 5 months. You think I'd learn ... but they're really pretty and I'm fairly certain I still have enough cash to make it through the next three semesters ...
We stopped off at Chinook to return a shirt that fell apart in the wash and we looked for CDs, but there were none, so we went home. We were going to go rent a movie, but Amy hadn't cleaned the kitchen and my Mom was coming home from Ontario, so being the horrible friend that I am, I made Nikki and Pei-Yun help and by the time we were done it was 9, so we decided to postpone it. We couldn't decide what to rent anyways. Nikki wants to see the He-Man movie and I want to see Kiki's Delivery Service and Pei-Yun wants to see neither but had some other suggestions that I don't remember ...
Anyways, we watched Avatar instead because a) Nikki and I are obsessed and b) we're losers like that. Oh, while we were on the LRT that morning, we watched Captain planet. Yeah, that's right. I love my friends. Also, I'm sure everyone around us knew what we were watching from our conversation and were probably quite disturbed by the discussion of Captain Planet's love life with Mr. Clean ^_^ *preens*
Okay, so it's 8 now and I do have a bunch of work. Stay tuned for information about my and Tasha's Wednesday night adventure!


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