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Well it's been a full week since Con-G ended and I still haven't posted anything on here. I may finally be caught back up on sleep; I got the chance to slow down and veg today after spending the rest of the week at meetings, working and doing a lot of grocery shopping and cooking for Mom's dinner event yesterday.

Amy was home for reading week and we, with [livejournal.com profile] katrin tried out hand at hot and sour soup and succeeded surprisingly well. Will have to do again.

Con-G was a huge success. We had 700 people, a growth rate of 35%, ended up in the black and had one of the best voice actors ever both in terms of his level of fame and his fit with our convention. Almost everything went smoothly with only minor drama. Everyone enjoyed themselves and our constructive feedback has mostly been contradictory so we feel that's a good sign. We're already formulating big plans for Con-G 2012 and our fifth anniversary in 2013.

It was so nice to be back in Guelph and hanging out with my friends there even though we were all ridiculously busy. A friend from Toronto came up to see me and a bunch of friends from Waterloo came down.

In the meantime, I will be heading back to Ontario in March for a wedding and then heading down to Boston for MJ. I have booked my flights and I'm super excited about it (though I really need to work hard between now and then).

In the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, we're finally getting some good curling in the last game, which I'm enjoying watching now as I switch back and forth from the Red Carpet (I really don't care about the awards since I've seen none of the movies - so far behind). I'm also way behind on my TV and have been catching up on them today but am still super behind.
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NCIS 806 )

I now am going to go watch a bunch of AMVs to try and find a selection that we want to show at Con-G. If anyone ([livejournal.com profile] otsquee, [livejournal.com profile] stickmarionette, [livejournal.com profile] strayfish and anyone else who might actually watch AMVs) has suggestions, let me know because having actual recs would make my life so much ... faster.
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Hello internets! Did you miss me?

I'm in Melbourne now and don't really have much to report except that I'm now a complete Johnny Weir fangirl.

I wanna watch the hockey. I wonder how much success I'll have wandering around the streets of Melbourne, looking for a pub showing Olympic hockey. I have no illusions or hopes about the curling. I hope it was a boring gold medal match with Norway :p

Con-G seems to have gone well, though my friends have yet to understand the hot water they're in for their little practical joke *glares all around*
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V8 mango peach juice is tasty.
In other news, I can has bike!
Also, the Con-G survival tag summer event is moving forward.

I need to do yoga so I can bend like Shego for AN.
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OMG you guys! I don't even know what to say ...

Let's start with this: Summing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, I got 11 hours of sleep. I feel like an eternity has passed since I got here and I also can't figure out where my weekend went or how the convention is over already.

It went AMAZING! We had 3 times as many people show up and earned enough to cover our costs twice. Everyone who came had a lot of positive feedback and also constructive comments about how to make it better next year. Pictures can be found on the facebook page if anyone is interested. I'm hoping more will pop up in the next few days and I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for youtube videos.

Tell you more about it later; now I have some job stuff to cry over and post-Con-G work to do.

*squeeee* *happy dance of spin*
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Watched Little Miss Sunshine. Thought it was adorable but disturbing.

In other news, Con-G has an LJ community now so we can advertise and answer questions that way. Our username is Con-G.

Speaking of advertising, if anyone knows anywhere or anyone that might be interested in helping us promote Con-G or might be interested in being promoted by Con-G or a free place for us to advertise, please let me know.


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