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So today I was sitting in my den working when a bird hit the window. These windows are pretty large a bird hitting them is not a rare occasion. As is the custom of my mother and I, I immediately went to the window to see if the bird was okay. Usually they fly into the tree, sit in the tree for a bit and then fly away but sometimes they'll be sitting under the window looking distressed, at which point Mom usually puts on her garden gloves and goes to see if she can pick it up. Anyway, so I was walking over to the window when I saw the bird was big with white striped plummage and a hooked beak! I was so excited. A bird of prey has never hit our window before! The bird flew away right as I got to the window though and I noticed that the bird of prey wasn't the one that hit the window; it was carrying off a carcass. It was so cool but I couldn't figure out where it went so I only got the one glimpse of it.

Anyway, this bird book is being quite useless in helping me figure out what kind of bird it was. I think it was probably a pigeon hawk due to its size but its colour looked more like a goshawk. Goshawks are bigger than red-tails though and this one was definately about half that size.

ETA: so the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation descriptions make me think that it was probably some type of Falcon but I still can't figure out what kind.


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