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Hey look! I'm going to post in my journal. I need to try and remember to do this more often. Telling [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick out loud and telling all the short things to twitter zaps me of my desire to write LJ posts but I don't want to be 'that person'.

Claire and I both woke up dead this morning and I seriously considered going back to sleep and 'forgetting' going to work but in the end dragged myself out of bed. 5 minutes after our usual departure time, she comes in in her PJs to tell me she's not going. Thus enabled, I hmm and haw for another minute before deciding to go. I don't get sick days and I had already dragged myself vertical and into some clothes. Turns out it's a good thing I went since New Gut was also away at training. Also I lucked out because the plant was down so I only had to work on yesterday's samples.

My day was amazing. I managed to fall over things, drop things, throw things in completely the wrong direction, split things on top of other things. One particularly memorable incident had me walk right into the tray on my balance hard enough to know the whole thing backwards and behind the scale. I didn't know the tray would fit back there! I didn't know I weighed enough to overbalance a 15 kg tray by stumbling! *sigh* my life.

On the radio, I have three stations programmed so I can jump between them. The first station was having a 'show us some hot lesbians' contest' (apparently the DJ didn't know lesbians could be hot. FUUUUU) so that got vetoed pretty quick. The next station had a contest to win a meet and greet with Adam Lambert by sending in a picture of 'you and your best gay buddy'. Also WTF?
On the third station, they were having a contest about stories that actually happened to you that no one would believe. One guy called in and said, 'I rode a lion.' which sounds implausible until you realize that he worked at a zoo as a caregiver for the lions but that's beside the point; on hearing this guy's story, the DJ says, 'So you're like He-Man?!' LOL.

C and I did more sightseeing this weekend and it was awesome. This weekend we fly to Wellington for a fandom get together. The weekend after that, we're doing a little roadtrip south to see what we can see.

I'm making these awesome skirts to wear to work, ostensibly for breast cancer awareness, but also to see our coworkers' faces. The skirts are apricot with poodleskirt-like patches of a unicorn. We have matching rainbow unicorn shirts too. It's going to be epic. We're thinking of getting some kind of sponsorship thing together whereby if you want to see a picture of this, donate a couple dollars to breast cancer, notify us and we'll make it happen.
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Guys, I've become temporarily obsessed with Pandora's costume from Guitar Hero 5 but the internet is being unhelpful! Man these guitar hero personas are elaborate. She has a different costume every game and a whole back story.


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