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Hey look, I'm remembering to post to my LJ and I'm even doing it from my dreamwidth.

Watching I, Robot (pretty good so far) and pretending that I'm doing work.

My friends are all at AN this weekend. Sad I'm not there.

This week has been a bit busy. I'm working full time now at my Mom's office doing data entry. It's tedious but I actually enjoy it and it's giving me the opportunity to listen to some audio books.

I've also got 3 job things happening now; only a week ago I had 0. I don't know if any of them are going to work out or how I feel about them but it's nice to know something will happen eventually even if none of these opportunities work out.

I've been downloading and watching a lot of Power Rangers lately. Feel free to judge.

Last night I had a dream that Tasha had a bunch of kittens but couldn't keep them so her borther and father (neither of whom I've ever met) came to destroy them but they were too cute so I stole them. I was going to keep them locked in my room so my dad's allergies wouldn't be aggravated. The kittens were really cute.

Go Canucks!
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Last night I had a dream that my house was on fire and because my mom had refused to pay some dick contractor for shoddy work, he had somehow managed to get us put on a list of houses the firefighters weren't allowed to go to. So we sat out in the cold waiting to see where the flames would go while Mom frantically tried to get it sorted out.

The scariest part was waking up and realizing that my dream fire was completely unrealistic and would have consumed everything and I probably would have died of smoke inhalation though the smoke thing is what convinced me that my house waasn't actually on fire when I woke up.

Not fun.

Now onto another crazy day in which I have exactly 4 things planned that will take up all my time and leave me not getting any work done again.
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I meant to tweet this this morning: After my nightmares last night, I've decided that in the event of the zombie apocalypse, I am going to shoot myself in the head and die on my own terms.

more on that )
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Okay, I'm a little dubious about going to sleep since my dreams have been kind of weird. This morning I had a dream that was not a nightmare, but freaked me out a lot when I woke up, and it's not the first time my dreams have turned to horror in the last little while. What does it mean?! And why does it always seem perfectly natural until I wake up? Seriously, some of these dreams I would write into awesome horror stories if only they wouldn't scare me AS I WROTE THEM.

As a side note, when someone invents a dream recorder, I will be high on the list of people to buy one, regardless of cost; I can never remember my dreams in any depth or for very long and they are often worth remembering.
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You know you're bored when you are staring at two variables, n1 and n2, trying to figure out what they are, and you start falling asleep and realize that the variables are obviously Norse Gods names Mirdos and Minos and then they start fighting a war inside your head.
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I forgot to post about the super awesome crazy dream I had
I really wish I could remember my dreams better because this one was spectacular:
We were all running around in THRN (the engg building for you non-Guelphites) and we had super powers. [livejournal.com profile] strayfish and Jill and most of my engg peeps and Sean [livejournal.com profile] narikalen and Stacey from high school (don't ask) were there. I could heal myself and Tabby was elastic and Stacey could see the future and Pei-Yun was all oracle-y and Sean was really big and heavy. Everyone else had really elaborate super powers too but I can't for the life of me remember them. One of the profs had the ability to fly and we had to remove the elevators because they were dangerous (yes, I know thrn doesn't really have elevators) so this prof had to fly people between levels. There was a gun fight and Tabby and I kept taking the bullets because no one else could. Then we lost our super powers and my bullet wounds started slowly coming back and Joanne Ryks was trying to heal me in the env lab using plastic tubes.
Then somehow we all survived and Nikki was handing out kitten buttons and buttons that said Ex-x-men and Weir was telling us how brave we all were and then she started singing (yes, like broadway) and she had a really good voice. I think the other person on stage with her was Ewan McGregor, but I can't be certain.
So yeah, beat that.


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