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Oh, I forgot to put in my earlier message. My parents are in Europe until Thursday. Dad's on a business trip and mom's going along. Before they left, I told the friends they're going with that they had to make sure my mom got in at least some trouble.

As a result, I keep getting messages from them that I find supremely amusing:
Message 1:
Hi Teri, here's your Mom in Lugano. Little did I realize what a challenge
you gave me. However, I've deputized my wife to help out with this assignment
and, with a weekend in Milan coming up, I'm optimistic that I'll have
something more exciting to report in a few days.

Message 2:
Greetings from Milan. Here is the latest status update. This is a pic of
your mother and my wife working their way through a bottle of Chianti. So far
the things are unfolding as planned. My wife is taking one for the team.
Actually not that much of a sacrifice.
Tomorrow and Sunday are days off so we will focus on the assignment. More

Message 3 - Just a subject line:
Your mother just chugged a beer in the pub! Progress!!

Combined with:
Well, here we are in London. As you can see, your Mom and Dad are
acclimatizing well. The beer is warm, the food cold! None the less, a great
experience. You can't beat a British pub. Next stop Paris on Tuesday. Will
report then.

Most of these have pictures attached but as I fail at LJ picture posting, you don't get them. They're not overly exciting - just pictures of my mom holding various alcoholic drinks.
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I am back from fun weekend at my aunt's house!
Tito picked me up on Wednesday afternoon and we drove to London for that evening. Only Liam was with her (the 4 year old) as Brennen (the 10 year old) and Uncle Dave were going to a NASCAR race. Exciting for them.
Anyways, we hung out on her porch and drank coolers. On Thursday we met Tante Netje for lunch and then got my hair cut and dyed. Is pretty now. I may get around to taking pictures of it for people to see. That evening we went to see Cars. It wasn't as terrible as I was expecting it to be. The previews were worth it. No one's going to come see Flicka with me though are they?
Friday involved some shopping and some lolling around near the pool because POOL!
Saturday we hopped the border into the states and shopped till we dropped (and ran out of money in my case).
Sunday was more pool swimming and reading and sun and trying new fun drinks.
I got carded in the states and not one of us realized that I'm still 5 months too young there. It was embarrassing.
I was trying really hard to curb my university style humour, but Uncle Alec was really not helping with all of his underhanded puns. My aunts didn't even get them or catch them, so it was just me trying so hard not to burst out laughing and need to explain why I was laughing to my four year old cousin. Meanwhile, my uncle would just sit there grinning, knowing exactly what I was thinking.
Of course, the worst ones had nothing to do with my uncle and everything to do with Liam taking Batman and Clark Kent together into the hot tub ...
Oh! Rachel, they had lego in the states that was batman with his car to be assembled and it came with a little catwoman figurine and her motorcycle. I was so going to go back and get it for me you but then I was so tired when we got back to that store, that I forgot. It was upsetting.
I had a creepy dream where none of my friends heard me calling for help and I was killed by these thugs and, completely unrelated, I'm about halfway through The Fionavar Tapestry now.
I looked for Winter of Fire and Born4, the new Jakalope CD, in the American stores, but they didn't have them there either. Time to check Amazon.
There was a spectacular lightning storm here tonight. It was cooler than any lightning storm I've ever seen. The whole sky was silhouetted every 5 seconds. Tabby and I sat on our porch under the overhang and ate ice cream while we watched it.
Anyways, I'm a little low on sleep and I should get started on this week's homework. More to tell later.
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I'm posting because I'm pissed )
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I think something happened to the author of Schism.
I'm sad that I can't kill [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick because my Dad's cousin who came over for dinner yesterday was the park ranger one not the mountie one. They both live in the Yukon though.
Dinner was a lot of fun. The entire dinner usually turns into a round of who can jibe everyone else the best when my family gets together and I was on my game. My uncle and my cousin came as well as my Dad's cousin, so there were 7 of us in total and we got pretty rowdy.
Mom: "The twins were born at 28 weeks, which was the 50/50 survival line. Now they're saving babies as young as 22 weeks."
Dad: "Hear that Teri? They've learned to fix problems like yours."
Me: "My parents?"
My Dad's cousin has 2 year old twins, so there was a lot of twin story sharing. Apparently now all my grandma's siblings have twin grandchildren. If I ever think about having kids, someone remind me of that please.
Also, my Dad's whole family has recently discovered that they have a blood disease which causes an excess of iron in their blood (I'm not at risk because I'm a girl). Every family should have a hereditary disease; it makes for great dinner conversation.
The only bad news was that I didn't get to watch Stargate because I wasn't going to miss that dinner for the world. I have it on tape; I'll have to watch it later tonight.
Family didn't leave until 10:30, so I didn't get to Kilks either. Oh well. Next week.


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