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So procrastinating nano is a really good way to get other stuff done. Yesterday I made muffins and soup, cleaned my room and applied to 8 jobs.

Come give me job hunt advice )
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Okay, if you're going to tell me you have work for me, freaking let me work! I wanna earn money! You know what's not earning me money? Sitting in my hostel making this post!

Also, if I can't work, can you at least warn me when I won't be working so I can arrange to do fun exciting things like hiking or meeting up with people?

To be fair, it's not their fault. I'm harvesting potatoes and it's actually really good work but when the machines keep breaking down and the weather isn't cooperating, it's useless. I've worked 13 hours in 4 days so far when I'm supposed to be working 40 hours in 4 days. The amount of money I've made will barely cover this week's rent. Unless Sunday-Tuesday are full work days, I'm going to find alternatives.
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So I have been offered a job in Rockwood, Ontario. The job would allow me to live in Guelph and commute out to the office. It's a 6 month contract position which they hope to be able to renew at the end of 6 months. I'm going to treat it like a 6 month position I think and keep looking for other stuff while I'm there. I was thinking that the job office in New Zealand told me to check back with them in June and they'd keep me in mind so maybe I can find a job in New Zealand from September for 6 months or a year and still be there when people I know are there. That would be awesome.


Mar. 1st, 2009 06:12 pm
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Okay, my last post was unfair so I guess I should clarify.

I have been offered a position with an environmental consulting company. Normal people would be pleased but this job is 100% field work in rural Alberta. I feel backed into a corner about accepting it but everytime I think about accepting it, I'm swallowed by despair. I didn't feel like telling people about it but wanted people to know that I might say yes to the position and suddenly drop off the face of the globe. Upon rereading it, it sounds like I'm contemplating suicide, but that's kind of how it feels to me right now.

This position would leave me out of touch with the world and away from life for an unpredictable period of time and at the end of my 1 year sentence, I would end up with a position in a company that does remediation work. It's exactly the position that I was trying to stay away from when I first started my job hunt.

I've had a rough couple days and didn't want to talk about it because frankly, I'm just not interested in what people have to say anymore.

Hope you are all relieved and exasperated with me again instead of worried. I wish you joy of it. Yes, this post is unfair too but at least now you know what to think.
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So I just got offered a job in St. Catherines Ontario.
Three definate jobs on the table now; Calgary, St. Catherines and Germany. Help?
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Alright, I've officially given up on finding a job in New Zealand after being sent in a complete circle by the government's environmental ministry. I can't seem to get a response from the industries and the universities are not overly helpful.
So, where should I try next? I don't know if Australia's worth bothering ... it's too much of a NZ cop out. I'd like to go to Africa, but I don't know of any aid work agencies that send students for 8 months ... so ... *sigh* Of course, I could go for 4 months and then go back to ARC.
Anyways, more about my weekend later because it was a blast but I have other things I have to do for a bit here ...


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