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2 years ago, I was hunting for work. I found a really interesting looking company. They gave me an interview that went well and a follow up interview that seemed to go well and they said I was one of 2 candidates under consideration.

I waited 2 weeks for them to get back to me. At the end of that 2 weeks, I called or e-mailed every day for nearly 2 more weeks to learn that I had not gotten the job because 'they didn't think I could start soon enough' (which is bs btw).

4 months later, the exact same job got posted again. I called to apply for it and never got a response. My dad yelled at me for even trying after the service I got the first time, but I really wanted the work.

Now there's a new company doing the same work and posting jobs on the board I frequent. The guy running it is the same guy I dealt with before who ran the other company and is, to all appearances, one of only 6 people working for this new company.

I avoid it right?
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So, for the record, the people at Auckland University are mean and evil people. The people at the University of Canterbury are, however, very nice and helpful and the people at Lincoln University are also nice.
If anyone ever finds the lyrics to "Over the Water Blue" by Evelin Samuel, please let me know because the only lyrics for her I can find are for "Diamond of Night".
Sahara is on tonight ... is it worth watching?
Also, I didn't get to see Dirty Pretty Things yesterday ... hopefully it'll be on again this weekend.
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I have more jobs than I know what to do with! I wish I could donate them to people!!
My boss was all sad when I said I was going back to school and then a friend of the family told me that his company has a position open for me if I want to stay in Calgary. I think my dad put him up to it because my parents are still giving me no end of grief about this whole 'why should you have to take an extra semester when you haven't failed anything?' issue.
I also had a professor contact me from Guelph and ask if I was going to submit my resumé to him like we talked about.
Why, oh why!? It's enough to make a girl rethink things and end up dying in the fall when she's required to take 7 class equivalents.
In other news, the people in New Zealand were singularily unhelpful today. I searched for companies to apply to, but I just don't know enough about what I'm looking for. The universities over there do all seem to have environmental engineering programs though, so there must be something around.
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Alright, the day of decisions has arrived.
I guess what it really boils down to is do I have a better chance of getting an 8 month work term in NZ, or a 4 month term?
I refuse to take my electives when I'm supposed to. That means at some point, I have to take an extra semester to fit in my electives. However, I'm having a really good time at this position, the project I want to do my work report on won't be done until July and, paramount, they have offered me the chance to stay on. Also with the missing of the Calgary friends.
On the other hand, it would be nice to have those classes out of the way and I was planning on spending the summer with my Guelph friends. But it would mean being in school for a solid year.
I think I've pretty much sorted out what electives to take if I go back (Environmental philosophy, soil and water conservation or environment and resources, Economics of the environment or environment policy formation and enviro chem and tox or global enviro change if anyone is interested) but I have to decide if I want to go back first.
My boss really seems to love me and wants me to stay and also to come back for my next work term. It's looking like I'm going to have to let her down on both counts.
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I wrote an e-mail to a couple universities in New Zealand asking where to start looking for jobs and one of them wrote back and said they'd try to come up with some information for me. *beams*
This is way more success than I had hoped for. I certainly expected my e-mails to get deleted.


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