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Oh Haiii LJ!

It's come to my attention that there are a lot of LJ posts I should be making. Lazy.

Last week, once I'd returned from the South Island, C caught me up on DW. I think I watched 7 eps in a week. It was an overload of awesome. I couldn't process. Wish I'd been able to watch it as it came out since that level of awesome would have sunk in better. Of course, I could not stop watching them once I'd started.
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I also accidentally finished FMA ... on the same day. I thought 'oh, my brain's overloaded with DW, I'm just going to catch up on the last couple chapters of FMA I haven't read to calm my brain down before bed.' MISTAKE! In fact, I don't know where that idiodic thought even came from as FMA is only slightly less intense than DW and I'm only slightly less invested in it.
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In other randomly entertaining news, my computer did something the other day that just needed to be screencapped:

Other stuff going on with me ... will get a separate post (or 2) I think.
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Hi guys! I had a great time in Eastern Ontario and Amy is getting settled in at Waterloo, but that's not interesting.
Jill and I just watched about 8 episodes of Dr. Who in a row because we just couldn't stop watching them. [livejournal.com profile] katrin, I don't know what you're on: watch the rest of the first season. The last 5 eps (aka the ones with Captain Jack and his creation of the most perfect threesome I've ever seen anywhere) are expecially good. We will watch the Christmas special and the beginning of the second season tomorrow unless I go to the horse show all day.
Also, Kaori Yuki is God (yes [livejournal.com profile] kattymcgie I know you told me that ages ago, but I was rereading Cain (aka Godchild - who thought that one up?) and I also finally got around to reading volume 2 of Angel Sanc and I am reminded of how much I agree with you.
Anyways, I've also been playing the Star Wars RPG a lot more than is healthy and being a Sith lord is fun!
Anyways, this is my 3 am half-drunken ramblings (yes, we were playing Dr. Who drinking games) and I may get around to writing something more comprehensive (read boring) in the near future. Or maybe not.
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This particular blend of chai tea has a few to many cloves in it. *makes a face*
*wipes brow* okay, it's about 6 hours later than that original sentence and now I forget all the super important stuff I had to say. I was going to go to Chinatown for Bubble Tea at lunch, but alas, my lunch break became non-existant and I'm just getting around to eating now ... I want to go for a nice, relaxing walk, but I think that maybe I shouldn't leave the office. Especially since there are about 3 more people I wanted to talk to today and most people around here leave at about 4:15.
You know, I really feel like part of the family here ... I'm going to be sad to leave.
It looks like I'm having my goodbye/trade stuff party on the 5th of May for anyone reading this who can come.
Okay, so yesterday, I got home and asked who wanted to go on an adventure with me. Mom said I was crazy, Amy said she had choir, I knew Pei-Yun and Nikki couldn't go, so I called Tasha. She regaled me about her exam and then agreed to come. I dropped Amy off then Tasha and I went over to Northland mall. We failed at finding Easter candy and Wal-Mart's price of 23.80 for Pride and Prejudice was still a bit much for me, but our spirits were not dampened! We went to the food court for dinner. Arby's made me pay $8 for a couple of chicken strips and some fries, but I got to rail at the poor worker about how those chicken strips and fries were $0.50 cheaper if I also got a drink. Honestly people, is it any wonder our world is rotting!? (sorry, I was watching too many good 'how the environment is screwed' documentaries on Monday) Tasha had to listen to me rant about it, but I figured fair is fair since I listened to her rant about her class on Hell and the Bible.
We moved on to Comikaze. You knew it was inevitable. We did a super lot of laughing at ourselves for reading manga because some of the titles there looked super bad. I got Hands Off 6 *cheers* and Tash and I each bought a volume of Yaoi ... I suppose more sad than me buying it is the amount of reading it I've done without so far buying any. There are also a couple titles we need to look into because they looked good, but we weren't sure, so we didn't get them. We may have pondered whether or not to get them longer, except that Tasha reminded me we had to pick up Amy and I swore loudly and proceeded to pay in a swift manner before running back to the car.
Amy had already been picked up by Mom, so we went home and got her before heading out for ice cream at Phil's. They have lychee ice and I wasn't going to get too many more chances to go for ice cream before having to go back to Guelph, so in celebration of the first day of the year when I didn't need a coat to walk home, we decided to go.
Tasha gave me the second book in Kate Forsythe's new series, so I have to start reading that.
And that was the end of our Glorious Adventure. *grin* ... yeah ... ahem
The room is spinning as I write this ... I guess I really should eat something ...
Also, the faster I get this done, the more time I have to make sure I leave everything behind in an organized fashion next week.
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The engineering graduate theme this year is superheroes. I would totally go help out if I were in Guelph.
So I told myself to go to bed early yesterday. I was all ready for bed at ten. Then I decided to check out Legal Drug and told myself sternly I'd only read the first little bit. Two hours and three volumes of manga later, I hit myself over the head.
And why is there not more of that manga?
I think I'll tape the new CSI tonight so that I can get some sleep. Dad has once again given Amy and I tickets to Alberta theatre projects, so I won't be getting much sleep tomorrow night either before I have to wake up super early to go to the stable on Saturday.
New Stargate tonight. Yay. Also, I watched beneathe the surface yesterday. I had forgotten how much I love that episode.
Okay, somebody please explain this to me; there are certain 'free electives' that I'm not allowed to take because the material in them is already covered in my degree. Matrix algebra - yeah, okay, I can see that. That course would be a complete joke to me. But why is contemporary astronomy on the list? What do they teach in that class?
I'm debating taking quantum physics because it seems to be the only class offered in a format other than distance ed. If I don't have at least one class to get me out of the house this summer, I'll turn into a complete hermit. Besides, then I could pretend to be Carter *inno*
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So I'm thinking maybe I should continue collecting Shutter Box. I'm still looking though. I'm going to do my research this time before I decide what to collect.
It was light out when my dad and I drove to work this morning! Yay!
Also, I found a $5 bill in the snow this morning and my boss took me out for lunch because we finally got these binders sent off, so my day's been l-u-c-k-y
I need a new desktop picture so if anyone has a good one that I should put up at work (manga, anime, comics, fantasy art plz) then send it over. I love my pic now, but it's getting boring and everyone's seen it by now.
I don't know where my boss is, but I need her signature on my time sheet ...
Tabby called me last night. I should have called her sooner. At least the air is clearer between the two of us now. I was having trouble being mad at her long distance. I definately understand why long distance relationships wouldn't work so well. I feel a little relieved.
In other news, apparently Pei-Yun bought plane tickets for her and Tasha, so they're both coming to Ontario this summer.
Now that I'm going back to Guelph, a bunch of my Guelph friends are talking about coming out here. Oh well. Win some.
I think I'll have pasta for dinner tonight. Yes, pasta.


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