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Alright, I've decided that the best way to deal with nanowrimo is to create something completely new. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to create a string of word drivel. Everything else that I'm working on, have worked on, would like to work on will be shoved to the side in an attempt to prevent myself from feeling like I'm failing to do any of it justice. I shall instead see how this experiment goes and come back to the other things at the end.

What this means, oh dear flist, is that my story is an open slate. Besides being an original-fic story set in some sort of fantasy/steampunk world, I have nothing to work with. If there is anything that you are dying to see me incorporate into my story (including characters), let me know (the official nano prompts were useless).

Disclaimer: please keep in mind that regardless of your suggestions, I reserve the right to not let you read it if I will have to die of shame after letting you.
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Okay guys, I've signed up for nano. This is my first time trying anything like this ever. I'm scared that I'm going to start hating myself and my writing after the first 2 days. I will probably never share my work because that would make it worse.

Support me anyway?

I have no idea where to start. I keep debating what to do and then changing my mind. Advice, prompts and suggestions welcome.


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