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This girl in season 7 NCIS is interesting. I want to know what her deal is. Unfortunately, I reached the end of what I have.

The weather in Auckland is scary here today.

Travel Cuts woe )

I just accidentally deleted an episode of Burn Notice. I'm unsurprisingly unconcerned about this.

Guys, *whine* I want my pictures back. Why am I an idiot?
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New Zealand immiration sent me a survey the other day. I got annoyed because every single question had the option of 'I'd rather not say' and 'I don't know' (even when it made no sense) except the question 'what gender are you'.
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Okay, post 2, which won't be finished before C gets home and we leave for our errands.
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More of me being irrational )
C's mom's back now. Phew. Also yay!

And Greek is really flaily. Please don't anyone burst my little superior bubble and tell me that it's not any better than Dawson's Creek or The OC because I'm not one of those people! I'm not! I only flail about soap opera in sci-fi shows ... (denial is a fun place to be).
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Internet update )

In other news, Felicia Day, Will Wheaton and Adam Savage tweeting back and forth about the apocalypse is pretty much the best thing ever. My fandoms are so incestuous!

No matter how much Greek rocks, it doesn't stop me from wanting to be in LA. Miss you guys.
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Okay, if you're going to tell me you have work for me, freaking let me work! I wanna earn money! You know what's not earning me money? Sitting in my hostel making this post!

Also, if I can't work, can you at least warn me when I won't be working so I can arrange to do fun exciting things like hiking or meeting up with people?

To be fair, it's not their fault. I'm harvesting potatoes and it's actually really good work but when the machines keep breaking down and the weather isn't cooperating, it's useless. I've worked 13 hours in 4 days so far when I'm supposed to be working 40 hours in 4 days. The amount of money I've made will barely cover this week's rent. Unless Sunday-Tuesday are full work days, I'm going to find alternatives.
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My grandfather, incurring both my mortification and gratitude, discovered for me that there's a Guelph Alumni association that, among other things, keeps track of the location of their graduates and provides travel contacts.

However, the website doesn't seem to want to acknowledge my existance. I slaved away at your school fror 5 years and came away with an honours engineering degree! Fucking let me into your elite alumni association!! Don't suggest that my ID number might be wrong, it was branded in my memory! Your computers are more likely to forget it than I am! I earned the right to be part of some crazy old-fogie society with pipes and tartans goddamit.

Okay, I'm done. I'm mostly ranting for the lols. I still find the idea of belonging to an alumni association to be waaaay more grown-up. moving on and no longer a student than I'm prepared for.

Aaaand I now have an image in my head of me, jumping around crazily a field in the rain with nothing but a tartan, a tam and a pipe.
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Lots to rant about today.

Item one: I got up this morning to read on the front page of The Globe and Mail "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is proposing to srike a joint climate-change pact with president-elect Barack Obama, an initiative that would seek to protect Alberta's oil sands projects from potentially tough new U.S. climate-change rules by offering a secure North American energy supply."
WTF!? *splutter* *spit venom* Jeez! Did Harper bloody watch the election and think 'oh, this new American President might actually keep his environmental promises; better make sure that doesn't hurt Canada's pocket book. My only hope is that Obama won't sigh any legislation that exempts Canada's oil from whatever laws against dirty oil he plans on proposing. After all, what can we really do anyways? Glare at them?

Item 2: Proposition 8. Okay, I suspected it was going to pass. Still sucks, and especially because it only passed by 52%, but we sort of knew it would happen. More upsetting to me is the fact that passing it will allow them to nullify the 18,000 (18,000!!) marriages that have already happened. I mean, I guess it makes sense if they're now illegal, but I didn't expect that. Also horrifying is that in Arkansas they passed a proposal saying that unmarried people can't foster or adopt children! That's preposterous! At least they rejected anti-abortion legislation in Colorado and South Dakota.
Apparently people are saying that the proposition 8 campaign won because it made it seem like kids would be exposed to homosexuality as part of the cirriculum if it wasn't passed. What's the problem with that?! Kids bloody well should be exposed to it in such a way that there will be no difference between choosing a female or male partner. *grumble*
Anyway, good luck to all those people fighting it. I watched Ellen this morning to see what she would say but I missed the opening comments, which is probably when she would have said something if she could so *shrug*

My cousins who I'm staying with like to watch The Hour and I must say, it's a pretty good show. The other day, however, when commenting on how kids who are exposed to a lot of TV with sexual content are more prone to teen pregnancy, he commented that kids who watched a lot of Dr. Who, however, were unlikely to ever get laid. I repre- I mean resent that remark!

My cousins were commenting this morning on how Yma Sumac died this week and were listening to a little tribute to her on the radio. It took me a minute to figure out that the only reason I know who she is is Once More with Feeling. lol

Speaking of Joss, Jenny hadn't seen Dr. Horrible so we made her watch it when we met at Jillian's place on Tuesday night. I hadn't actually watched it in a while. So looking forward to the DVD.

Twilight, on the other hand, looks more and more terrible every time I see a preview for it. I can't believe it's getting so much hype *eyeroll*

Finally, I have a job interview in a stupidly small town in Ontario called Alfred. Since they're unwilling to delay the interview for even a couple days, I'd say they're pretty desperate to hire someone. If I get the job, I don't think they'd be willing to give me a couple weeks to go home before starting so I may not be coming home. That being said, it's only a 6 month position and my job hunt will continue even if I get that job.
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They fucking did it again. I can't believe it! My whole house smells like burning. This is the third time this semester that the guys in the basement have managed to burn things in the middle of the night so that the whole house smells like burning for the whole morning while I'm trying to sleep. I had to get up at 5 am to turn on the bathroom and kitchen fans up here and it still smells like burning! I'm going to get cancer just from breathing this air! This isn't even counting the times they've made the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night since the fire alarm days and the smells like burning days don't correlate for some reason.
GAHH! Once or twice I could handle but this is getting ridiculous - I've only been living here 10 weeks!

In other news, I finally got my confirmation of graduation e-mail so I guess they actually do have me on the list of graduate.
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Yup, really need Christmas decorations. I think I'll raid the stock. And next week I'm going to decorate my house while my parents are gone.

Cut for ranty )

The paper this morning said "Taser victim studied English". Sure glad I didn't study English.
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My Dad and I were driving hom from work this morning and they were running a story on the Westboro Baptist church. This church is of the belief that every tragic death is caused by God punishing us for our increasing acceptance of homosexuality. This includes deaths caused by the war in Afghanistan. As if that wasn't bad enough, these people don't go through normally accepted methods like protesting outside parliament or something, no, they protest at the funerals of the dead soldiers. Can you imagine?! You're trying to deal with your child's death and there are people at the funeral with signs saying he died because God hates fags. WTF!!!! And, of course, since there is always the likelihood of violence during a protest, there are police cars, ambulances, SWAT teams etc at the funeral too. Talk about ridiculous.
Anyway, the CBC broadcast was about how some guy sued them for emotional damages after they protested at his son's funeral and the courts agreed to the tune of 10.2 million, so that's at least a nice big slap on the wrist.

Does anyone know why I'm not getting e-mails for my LJ comments anymore? It's kind of annoying since I can see my e-mail at work but not my LJ and I don't want to lose any comments.
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So the other day Navin called me a feminist. Now normally, fine, label me however you like. I find the need for labels more and more ridiculous lately, but I certainly don’t find that label insulting. In this particular case though, something within me cringed and this is, I think, why: His vision of me as a feminist is based entirely on the fact that I refuse to allow him to speak of women as objects in my presence. We are not conquests, we are people and it sickens me that what he wants is not a relationship, but a willing sex slave.
Any woman with any intelligence or even any pride would have the same objection to him that I do and all he’s doing by calling me a feminist is cheapening the label and I don’t want to be a party to that.
Now, I wish I’d been able to figure out why I was so horrified at the time so that I could have spat it back in his face.


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