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So it's 4 already and I haven't posted yet. Not that i lost track of my day, I was just actually getting stuff done for once and didn't want to lose that momentum. I'm much closer to done that liability assessment now. I may even finish it by the end of the week and then I'll be able to ask for something else to do.
Those of you that rolled your eyes at my post about my riding lesson were right of course. Once I got there and actually met Monica, I felt much better. I apologized to her for any problems I may have caused by being a bad rider and she said it wasn't an issue (what was she supposed to say?) but she seemed really nice. What really made me feel better though was that after my lesson, Deb, the stable owner came over to me and told me that Monica had apologized to her. Deb was the one who originally decided that I was good enough to ride the horse. Apparently Monica was expecting me to be much worse and she apologized to Deb for not trusting her judgement. I should have realized that Deb was just as upset about Monica not letting me ride as I was because the decision that I was good enough to ride was hers and it kinda would have been her fault if I wasn't. I certainly didn't - don't know better.
Anyways, she reminded me about a few things I had forgotten and changed my focus a little bit because I had been concentrating on my seat and apparently there's nothing wrong with it.
I'll go back again for a lesson next Monday and then I'll hopefully be able to get a couple more rides in on Saturdays before I have to go back to Guelph.
I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening involving laundry and filling out forms as well as talking to Rachel and hopefully convincing my mom she's not mad at me. Amy's on spring break so I think I'll shun her.
Tomorrow's the Vagina Monologues with Pei-Yun and Thursday is Kilk's - which I will be going to come hell or high water unless no one I know is showing up.
Back to work ... maybe I can also get this proposal for Marty done by the end of the day.
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All right, I'm out for the day. I have a riding lesson tonight and it's making my stomache do all kinds of crazy flip flops because the woman who is giving me the lesson told the owner of the stable that she didn't want me riding any horses until I knew what I was doing (ouch) and I'm terrified of making her mad at me.
Anyways, it's making it hard to concentrate on this liability assessment, so I'll just come in early tomorrow.
In other news, Rae sent me ficlets *does a dance*, my landlord wants to pay me for my room in the first week of May *dances some more* and Arlene gets back tomorrow so I can stop doing her job *grin*. Also, my team is going out for lunch on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it. *is trying really hard to focus on the happy thoughts*


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