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Anyone else ever wonder exactly how much crap a professor has to wade through in order to find material worthy of asking the class to read? The articles that I'm reading here are mostly fairly insightful or at least eloquent and it puts the conference boards for my classes into stark contrast. I mean, yes, the conference board people are all untrained writers, but still.

In other news, I've finished all but the finale of season 1 of SGA and I discovered that I am distinctly lacking in season 2, so I'll have to grab that from Christina at some point. I guess I'll watch BSG until then.
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Aww .. the new picture on the Guelph website is really cute ...
I have to make potato salad but I was just watching Sanctuary )
Okay, enough SGA ramblings for now ... have to get ready for party and I should also, I think, post something more on my stupid conference boards ...
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Defiant One and Hot Spot. Oh Em Gee THE SLASH!!!!
"you want to go help him don't you?"
Oh, and I half expected something in Rodney's last words to be all 'tell John not to mourne me for too long'.
Also, I'm beginning to see where the Weir/Sheppard people are coming from so would someone please hit me! ...With something soft?
I still don't care about Teyla at all ... and this is weird people, because it's me. I'm beginning to understand what Christina meant about Ford being an ass though. I feel like it's tacked on though. Like the writers decided, hrm, I guess he needs a character. and then said okay, you get to be an ass. Happened right after the episode with the suicidal kids because I thought he was a good person in that one.
Anyways, I'm going to go buy cornstarch so I can make PIE.
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So I watched some BSG and SGA yesterday. I don't actually know what BSG I was watching ... it appeared to be a two hour pilot? Maybe ...
Anyways, it was interesting, but I'm not enthralled yet. Except that the Cylone was cool ...
More importantly though, why is SGA so intriguing??!! I'm very confused. I mean, I don't even like the characters for the most part (except Sheppard, but really, who wouldn't like Sheppard?) and I think the plot os so lame in comparison to what it could have been, so what about it makes me want to keep watching so much? I guess I can just blame it on my inate love for Stargate and the fact that I won't be able to watch any new SG-1 for a couple months yet. I also wait expectantly for the one liners between Shep and Mckay and Zelenka makes me happy. (btw, after The Storm, I totally understand those Zelenka/Mckay shippers).
Back to work ... I promised myself more once I've completed this presentation and one course conference for today.
I think I may head over to HMV and see how much the new Jakalope CD costs. I have to go hand in my completed Ontarion crossword anyways.
Some guy was here this morning looking at our fridge. It's still the same fridge ... I can't tell if it's working now or not ...


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