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Well it's been a full week since Con-G ended and I still haven't posted anything on here. I may finally be caught back up on sleep; I got the chance to slow down and veg today after spending the rest of the week at meetings, working and doing a lot of grocery shopping and cooking for Mom's dinner event yesterday.

Amy was home for reading week and we, with [livejournal.com profile] katrin tried out hand at hot and sour soup and succeeded surprisingly well. Will have to do again.

Con-G was a huge success. We had 700 people, a growth rate of 35%, ended up in the black and had one of the best voice actors ever both in terms of his level of fame and his fit with our convention. Almost everything went smoothly with only minor drama. Everyone enjoyed themselves and our constructive feedback has mostly been contradictory so we feel that's a good sign. We're already formulating big plans for Con-G 2012 and our fifth anniversary in 2013.

It was so nice to be back in Guelph and hanging out with my friends there even though we were all ridiculously busy. A friend from Toronto came up to see me and a bunch of friends from Waterloo came down.

In the meantime, I will be heading back to Ontario in March for a wedding and then heading down to Boston for MJ. I have booked my flights and I'm super excited about it (though I really need to work hard between now and then).

In the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, we're finally getting some good curling in the last game, which I'm enjoying watching now as I switch back and forth from the Red Carpet (I really don't care about the awards since I've seen none of the movies - so far behind). I'm also way behind on my TV and have been catching up on them today but am still super behind.
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Yesterday mom told me that she's annoyed when she gets home from work and I don't have dinner ready. I suppose this is fair. I'm technically home all day and in her position I would probably feel the same.

So I made a decision that I would try and be in charge of dinner more often. It's now 5:30 pm. The ONLY thing I've gotten done today is making dinner. Now I'M feeling passive aggressive because if I hadn't been so focused on making dinner, I would have gotten other stuff done.

I've discovered that when I have 6 hours to make dinner, it will take me 6 hours regardless of whether or not it should only take one. This isn't Mom's fault, but she can't understand why I need to get something else crossed off on my priority list first before I can concentrate on cooking and sometimes it takes me until after she's home to get to a place where I can do that.

Also, I've fallen into the habit of going to bed at 2 am and getting up at 9, so having dinner ready by 4 doesn't really fit into the natural place where I'm hungry enough to be interested in making it. *sigh*

I have absolutely no right to complain about being expected to do chores while living for free under my parents' roof, but what a waste of a day.

PS. I had H5O on in the background of my cooking and found it dull. I think I'm going to give up on it. Sorry to all my friends who are fans; I wanted to like it, I did.
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My forgotten love of SG1 )

I may have to start a rewatch of SG1.

We also discovered that the cafe near my house that I kept meaning to try is actually really cool and has awesome gelato so yeah, returning there especially once I have income.

and then something about Dr. Who )

We also played Pandemic because I was holding Cthylla's copy hostage and it was really intriguing. It's a game where you have to team up with the other players in order to prevent a global pandemic. You have to actually work with the other players. I've never played a board game like that. We nearly lost. It was harrowing.

You know you have been playing too much dragon age when )
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NCIS 806 )

I now am going to go watch a bunch of AMVs to try and find a selection that we want to show at Con-G. If anyone ([livejournal.com profile] otsquee, [livejournal.com profile] stickmarionette, [livejournal.com profile] strayfish and anyone else who might actually watch AMVs) has suggestions, let me know because having actual recs would make my life so much ... faster.
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Warehouse 13: Babbling. Literally. Ignore me. (cut more for that than any spoilers) )

That is all. Now I go to write a cover letter so I can feel like I did something today. Or maybe I'll do some exercise instead. Still procrastinating, but healthier.
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[Unknown site tag]
Theresa: watching new Glee
love Sue

[livejournal.com profile] sammysam: hehehe
sue is awesome

Theresa: Rachel's new hair looks good too
rofl Will: "the school defaced our signup sheet! These aren't even funny!" Sue: "now don't be rude Will, I put a lot of thought into those."

SS: :-D

Theresa: I don't know how I feel about Sue and Will teaming up againt a common enemy
okay, who even uses school showers let alone sings in them

SS: apparently at least two members of hte football team

Theresa: yeah
OMG Rachel stop *flinch*

SS: which?

Theresa: talking to the Phillipine exchange student in the washroom

SS: oh yeah
it gets better

Theresa: now they're doing a duet. That's better

SS: see!

Theresa: OMG I LOVE SUE (she came in and told them to shut up)
is Rachel not going to tell her about auditions now because she's scared of competition? Oh Rachel
Why am I so invested in this show!??

SS: oh it gets even better
im in it for brittany and santana
and kurt

Theresa: I love Brittany. She's so endearing in her cluelessness

SS: me toooooo
shes got some adorable stuff coming up
the last scene in... ep 3? maybe 4? kills me

Theresa: I think I might like the new football coach

SS: shes great

Theresa: i'm still on ep one - Claire and I got really behind for a while

SS: i gotta run for a bit, going with nickie to pick up her car from getting fixed

Theresa: Wow, other Asian is ripped

SS: see ya soon! enjoy!
and, feel free to keep commenting ;)

Theresa: "dude your mouth is huge. how many tennis balls can you fit in there?"
"I don't know, I've never had any balls in my mouth" Best line ever
and the look on Finn's face!!!!
will do :p :3

Theresa: Ugh Billionaire
why is that song?

Theresa: Oh god, she is. RACHEL! Stop being a douche

Theresa: "If I push him down the field fast enough, he'd be just like a human battering ram" Finn, you have so many issues. Like your brain
I also kind of love Quinn
"I hear your confetti cannons were taken away
you can't deal without me"
though I don't approve of abstinance education

SS: Yea, me either

Theresa: Santana got a boob job!?
that's problematic. I didn't think she was so insecure
I kind of approve of the speech Sue gives her

I still think WHMIS every time I see their cheer jackets

wow cat fight in the school hall
do people in the states actually go to classes in their cheer uniforms

"show us on the doll where coach beiste touched you"
good for you Will. Stand up to Sue
I should be liveblogging this
lol maybe I'll just copy-paste post my comments to you

SS: Whmis? And, ion some places yes
At my school at least three times a week the cheerleaders and poms girls wore their uniforms all day

Theresa: workplace hazardous materials information system. Might be a Canadian thing
wow ... that's just .... huh

SS: Ahh ok
Msds and the hmug in the navy

Theresa: her name's actually Sunshine
they gave her a greencard? *facepalm*

SS: hey, vocal adreniline can do anything, apparently. it's the power of hte phone headset

Theresa: there are so many problems with the fact that Finn won't break up with Rachel because he's no longer the quarterback

SS: yeah

Theresa: implying that if he were the quarterback, he would break up with her? WTF?
SS: i actually dont find their pairing very interesting
i like him, and i like her, usually, but togetehr they bore me
they were way more interesting last season

Theresa: she says 'you should break up with me for being a bitch' and he says 'oh, but I'm not the quarterback anymore, I'm a loser so it's totally okay'
what does that have to do with her being a bitch?
meh. My favourite part of last season is how she totally looks like she could actually be Idina Menzel's daughter

SS: yeah
i love their duet, i dreamed a dream
and while i dont like the staging of poker face, i like them singing it

Theresa: I thought the staging of poker face was bold and interesting at least
it intrigued me and I was glad that they were doing interesting things with the music again

SS: it may be because i watched it before i really started liking hte song. ive only seen it once
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This girl in season 7 NCIS is interesting. I want to know what her deal is. Unfortunately, I reached the end of what I have.

The weather in Auckland is scary here today.

Travel Cuts woe )

I just accidentally deleted an episode of Burn Notice. I'm unsurprisingly unconcerned about this.

Guys, *whine* I want my pictures back. Why am I an idiot?
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The radio this morning told us about an earthquake somewhere around here and how all the residents went to high ground because they were concerned about a tsunami. A tsunami actually did hit; it was 22 cm tall. Baby tsunami!!!! So cute.

Watched the first ep of Sherlock last night. For those of you who don’t have twitter, I’ll try to sum up my reactions. )

In ATLA news, Ember Island Players is even more clever the second time around. Tonight [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick watch the final 4 episodes. Dun dun dun!
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Uhhh. ... hi guys. I should maybe post more often?

All of the things!
Finished Cryoburn, the most recent Lois McMaster Bujold book. ("You know what has eight legs? Two ponies!")

Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick I remain super in love with all that it is.

We've also stayed caught up on Leverage despite killing our internet and having to spend 14 hours downloading the most recent episode.

I really want to be watching new Eureka but I've decided to rewatch it all with C before getting to the new stuff. Also, bandwidth limitations.

Watched Inception a couple weeks ago.

Made everyone watch Clue. I think I was the most delighted of all by this turn of events.

House sitting at a HUGE mansion with a pool that's too cold to use, a hot tub we've used extensively, 2 ponds, which we've named Amy and Rory, 4 cats and many fish. I'm glad there are two of us in it to mitigte its horrible emptiness, but C goes to Melbourne next weekend. I'm trying to con people into joining me here for that few days.

Mystery surveys rock.

Harddrive has died along with all my pictures. I'd like to make a request that if anyone has some decent (or really touristy) pictures of me in my Tilley Hat, that they send them along. I should be able to get myself a new one at half-price that way. ([livejournal.com profile] kiaarra I've got pictures of Africa and stuff backed up on my external at your. It's probably in Waterloo and not with you though ne?)

Today we get a [livejournal.com profile] digitalsprawl and a Shihad concert and now it's 2pm and I should go make myself some breakfast.

I'm going to try and post more again ... Twitter's bad for my LJ habits.
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Hey LJ peeps, there’s a debate on that I want people to weigh in on. The debate involves Mickey and Zuko, two characters from completely different amazing shows. Warning: Avatar: and Dr. Who spoilersread more )
On the other hand though, we have decided that Cappy (Greek) and Iroh (ATLA) should never team up because everyone would die of awesome.

Aaaaand that’s all from me at work. I might make an actual post soon … when I decide to be from the internet again. Twitter is a bid influence on me. Whenever I have something quick and interesting to say, I just throw it up there instead of here like I used to.
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Oh Haiii LJ!

It's come to my attention that there are a lot of LJ posts I should be making. Lazy.

Last week, once I'd returned from the South Island, C caught me up on DW. I think I watched 7 eps in a week. It was an overload of awesome. I couldn't process. Wish I'd been able to watch it as it came out since that level of awesome would have sunk in better. Of course, I could not stop watching them once I'd started.
cut for possible spoilers )

I also accidentally finished FMA ... on the same day. I thought 'oh, my brain's overloaded with DW, I'm just going to catch up on the last couple chapters of FMA I haven't read to calm my brain down before bed.' MISTAKE! In fact, I don't know where that idiodic thought even came from as FMA is only slightly less intense than DW and I'm only slightly less invested in it.
again cut for possible spoilers )

In other randomly entertaining news, my computer did something the other day that just needed to be screencapped:

Other stuff going on with me ... will get a separate post (or 2) I think.
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More of me being irrational )
C's mom's back now. Phew. Also yay!

And Greek is really flaily. Please don't anyone burst my little superior bubble and tell me that it's not any better than Dawson's Creek or The OC because I'm not one of those people! I'm not! I only flail about soap opera in sci-fi shows ... (denial is a fun place to be).
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My day yesterday )
Kick Ass )

I heard the Glee version of Don't Stop Believing three times in the mall yesterday. No one knew about that song here until Glee! There's something so wrong about that.

Now for flailing about Greek: )
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Yay Eleven!

I want to watch it again just so my splattered brain can form actual opinions that I can then articulate.

So far, it's like he's taken the best parts of 10 and run with them. Also, sarcasm. Excellent.

Once again I find myself wanting to watch more of the old stuff, but everything I've got is stuck on a hard drive in Waterloo.
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None of the e-mails I got while I was away from the internet were even interesting let alone important *sigh*. Guess I have to do my own legwork again.

Now I'm hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] digitalsprawl, watching Leverage and it's awesome. I love their faces! spoiler )

I got to meet and hang out with so many awesome people in Melbourne! That's really all we did, sit and talk and eat and laugh and watch olympics, but it rocked hardcore. Thanks for letting me be there guys!
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"You don't have spring cleaning in Israel?" "Israel is a desert. We don't have spring."

"You name your teeth?" "You don't?"


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