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Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] katrin and I went to the craft market in Kensington and picked up the card of a woman who does fancy house tea parties. Who's interested?

After that I went to my sister L's Halloween party. It was a pretty good party. I finally got to meet some of the people that she always talks about. I was way more impressed by the costumes than I thought I'd be. One of the guys was a crab and sewed his own claws, another guy went in Bjork's swan costume, which he also sewed himself and one couple came as the mad hatter and queen of hearts from the new movie and had super amazing costumes which apparently they got from some movie costume warehouse in the area which I need to find. His tailcoat rocked.

Most of L's friends are really nice people but every time I go to one of her parties, I'm reminded that they're not my people. They're funny (They did fruit-bobbing. I was informed that kiwis sink. I gravely corrected that kiwi fruit sink.) and some of them in particular kept trying to engage me in the party, which was more than I expected, but it just wasn't the same. First of all, most of the people there were couples. One of the guys that wasn't in a relationship expressed a desire to pick up. I'm so foreign to these behaviour patterns that I didn't want to insert myself into any conversation he was having with a girl all night in case I harshed on his groove. I didn't know how to deal with the very mild sexism going on (some of the guys were calling the lipstick of the Bjork guy's costume disgusting and saying they couldn't look at him) and I couldn't casually flirt with any of the people that were there for fear of being taken the wrong way seriously.

Also, when they get drunk, they get loud. My friends get louder when drunk too but I don't mean normal loud, I mean really loud. I decided to leave at midnight because I just couldn't handle the noise level anymore.

The ride home on the train was really interesting; Halloween should be on a weekend more often!

Listening to Canadian broadcasters ask Americans about their politics is making me sick. Who turned this on?


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