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Today I spent $5.30 on dinner and then $5.90 on ice cream. Whoops?

My day in Cambridge )

My feet are sore and now it's bed time. Tomorrow, MJ!!!!!
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I may have to simply camp out at the library this week guys. Not only does it have internet, but it is full of books and I don’t have to pay for anything unless I try to leave with them. Lol. (I could have done that without leaving home *wail*)

I’ve gotten a lot more job hunting done today than I have in weeks in Auckland. It seems like work is still out for everyone though. The people at the Canterbury conservation authority told me that most of their people don’t get back until February. A huge number of cafes and restaurants in the city weren’t open and none of the ones that I cold-stopped-in wanted me to work there. The woman at Golder told me to contact Auckland Golder, who I’ve already been in touch with to no avail *eyeroll* but I stumbled across 2 temp agencies, which I threw my name in for, and have the phone numbers of two others, which I’ll call tomorrow. I’m also going to call the fruit-picking places tomorrow, though apparently we’re not really in a good season for it; I’ll find out when I ask.

I have yet to find a grocery store; it’s the next item on my agenda, but while I was walking past the library, I decided to stop in.

Tomorrow I plan to find the museum and complete one of the walking tours. I plan on going up the gondola at some point while I’m here. After that, I start looking for suggestions.

Still alive so far.


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