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So tomorrow I branch out on my own, heading to distance Christchurch where I shall meet success of failure with equal determination (okay, that'll probably be a lie by Friday, but we'll see how I do).

We decided to save the champagne from my birthday until I return at the end of February. I'm sure I'll deserve it by then (optimism shall be my new mantra! ... usually when I decide that it lasts about 48 hours or until my first crushing defeat).

I shouldn't have put so much sugar in my coffee; it's making me nervous. At least I won't fall asleep before I'm done packing.

Re-reading LJ posts from back when I was working at Shell is quite entertaining. I hadn't realized how much fun reading my own archives could be. I'm sure R & C were quite bored stiff listening to me.

I have too much music. Working on it.

PS. If anyone notices my colour scheme change, note that it's a work in progress. I decided I needed a change but it was taking me too long, so I just left it at something more bearable than the other stuff I'd tried for now. I'll fix it ... eventually *:|
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Only 1 hour left of work and I still can’t believe it’s my last day. Where has the time gone? I have butterflies but they can’t decide if they’re from anxiety or excitement or just lack of sleep.
I got not one but two cakes today as I left the door and money for an extra day of vacation that I didn’t know I’d earned so that’s nice. I’ll have to add going to the bank to deposit this check to my still huge list of things to do before I go. Don’t worry: The important stuff is all done; now it’s just comfort items.

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Oct. 6th, 2009 01:08 pm
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Here it is guys:

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Okay, this e-mail is a post mostly designed to test the e-mail service. I know that at least Lori has signed up for it. Lori, if you could forward me whatever this sends to you, then I’ll know that it’s working and be able to see what it does when it sends out an e-mail.

I have got most of my affairs in order with respect to leaving. I will be heading to Waterloo either tomorrow or next week to drop off the rest of my stuff, including my cell phone, with Amy. This means you won’t be able to call me on it, just in case that wasn’t clear.

I have no plans yet for Thanksgiving, but if the options become sit at home and freak out about my trip or head to a friend’s house, I’ll probably choose the latter.

I really should start looking at making a plan for after my plane lands.

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Bus Tours

Sep. 17th, 2009 03:43 pm
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Bah! IDK!
Okay, so Haley told me to read some travel blogs in order to figure out if I wanted to spend large amounts of money on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour (Called Kiwi Experience if anyone wants to look around for me). ie read about the alternatives and the reviews.
So I’m looking at the reviews, and they’re so mixed that I don’t know what to think. Also, people are saying it’s pretty easy to get around on your own through hitchiking and stuff, but I’m one lonely Canadian tourist; too polite to accept help and too alone to be comfortable with it …

Already would be paid for so thrift Teri and lazy Teri wouldn’t be able to stop me from using it.
Guides will know more than a normal bus driver
Flexible schedule; can do each leg of the trip at any time in 12 months
Discounts on tourist things
Meet people to do tourism things with
Help arrange hostel stays

If I found a good job in one place, I’d have less opportunity to use it
Stop at only select hostels (often the large expensive ones)
Have to call to book departure times
Activities with over-aggresive marketing
Might be full of rowdy 18 yr old Brits
“Party buses” (not necessarily a bad thing except for meeting people)

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To Do List

Sep. 16th, 2009 03:34 pm
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Okay, so here’s a real post for my NZ blog. Many of you will have seen this already, but I deleted the test version, so this should work.

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