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NCIS last night was interesting ... except that I think it detracted from Abby's likeable-ness. The conversation between DiNozzo and Ziva at the beginning was awesome though. DiNozza comes and gets her from giving fashion advice to Abby before her court appearance and he says 'it's a good thing I came in just then; in another few minutes, you would have been braiding each other's hair' and she replies, 'and who knows where that can lead'
Oh the audacity. And I love the way Gibbs and Abby are always smacking people upside the head and the way Gibbs denies them food when the case isn't solved.
Other people need to watch this show.

Okay, I'm going to accomplish work things today so that I can leave tomorrow for clean up operations. I think I should bake cookies tonight for my work people. I also want to bake biscuits for Deb at the stable, but I want them to be relatively fresh when I give them to her ... I guess I'll stay up really late on Friday to make them ... I can sleep in on Monday!

I really need a domain for my website. It shouldn't be that hard to find one, but I don't know what I need ... I don't want pop-ups and fewer adds is better, but other than that, I don't really know what I need ...
Nikki's coming over tomorrow to help me get it mostly up and running. We hope.


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