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Alright, my journal import is complete and I think if I post from DW it cross posts to LJ but not the other way around, so I guess I'm going to try and get used to DW functionality.

I've been watching a lot of hockey. Things I've learned; reporters in this sport often write ridiculous things and make a lot of unsupported conjectures. It entertains me. Also entertaining are my conversations with my non-MJ friends.
Me: I'm watching hockey
Friend: is a Canadian team playing
(usually I'm a badwagon fan who idly jumps on when Canada's doing well)
Me: No
Friend: Who's playing?
Me: (insert whatever game's on)
Friend: ... oh
Friend: Who are you watching that with?
Me: [personal profile] shihadchick and [personal profile] kathalcyon
Friend: O...kay
Me: I'll be watching the Canucks play the Hawks later
Friend: Yeah, I should watch that; the Canucks are doing well
Me: I'm cheering for the Hawks
Friend: Why?
Me: We like them
Friend (suspicious now): Why? And why the sudden interest in hockey?
Me: Because homoeroticism
Friend: Ah, that explains everything.

Even funnier was the one friend who after the "Why" asked "where are the Hawks from?" before I could answer.
Me: Chicago
Friend: Oh, okay. Well, I won't tell my Vancouver friends

As if the team being from Chicago explained anything.

Time for dinner at Kat's house.


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