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Hello Dreamwidth/Livejournal,

I have a lot of thoughts and feeling today - way too many for twitter - and it's a slow enough day that I might get the chance to actually write them down so here I go:

After spending last week at the cottage, I'm super homesick for Ontario. I think I have enough experience now to pick up and leave and grab something better over there. I do feel some loyalty towards my company but I also feel like I've paid my dues. I have spent the last three days mostly convinced that I should make a goal to move back to Ontario next fall.

Most of my hesitation comes from how much work has been done in my house. Really I'm a little stressed at how much work (and money) my mom's putting into making my house awesome because it makes me feel like I have to stay and appreciate it. Things like the gardens, where we've put hundreds of dollars worth of plants and days of our time, make me especially reluctant to walk away. She's so much more invested in my house than I am. She also got my uncle to come down and put a lot of work into it and he flat out told me he'd be disappointed if I didn't continue living there and enjoying the work he's done.

I'm still not sure what my career goals are - I need to think about it as I'm planning on taking some classes in the winter and I want them to be relevant to my goals, not just the company's goals especially if I'm not sticking around. Anyone know what environmental skills are in demand in Ontario right now? I'm leaning towards hydrogeology.

I sort of adopted a kitty last night. I don't have it yet but I agreed to take it. It's a cat that belongs to a friend of the family but they're not able to take care of it due to spending months away and their daughter's fiance's allergies. They wanted it to go to a home where it could be loved and I want a kitty, so it works out. It might make the place a little harder to rent, but I'll survive. I only hope the cat gets along with my roommate's dog for the next few weeks; my roommate sold her house and will be moving out by the end of September.

By the way, if anyone knows anyone looking for a room, send them my way.

I also got to ride some ponies in Ontario and now I'm back on the trail of trying to find a barn here in Calgary ... again, I should just move back to Ontario.

Oh wow, today has turned some things on their head. Okay, with respect to that 'send roommates my way' thing, pick one that likes cats and can take care of mine when I'm gone? Apparently, after months of not having work and being stuck in the office, work's trying to triple book my fall. They're sending me away next week and the following week and for most of October. With all the client turnover, who knows where our new sites will be located ... but I want a cat and I don't want to take back my offer to my friend to look after it. What do I do?

My boss also casually asked me today if I wanted to move to Edmonton. I don't think he was kidding. I should have told him I'll start an office in Guelph instead.

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Potential trips this year:

Locked in:
[profile] strayfish's wedding
Calgary Comic Expo (April 27-29)

Potential other trips:
Con-G (February 22-28)
Emerging Environmental Leaders Forum (Vancouver) (March 12-16)
Emerald City Comic Convention (March 28 - April 3)
Tampa Bay to visit Amy (between May and August)
SDCC (July 11-16)
Visiting Claire if/when she comes to North America this year (??)

I think that's everything I've been invited to.
Start bidding.
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The drive to work this morning was lovely. I slept in a whole extra hour and still coasted to work in about 40 minutes. It was so nice to not have to stress about it that today the option of moving to the suburbs of Calgary so I can walk to the office is definitely winning the where should I live decision battle.

Also, the morning CBC radio program that airs during the holidays is so much more interesting than the usual Calgary Eyeopener.

Went to see Beauty and the Beast the musical yesterday. It was delightful if not quite as high-quality as I was hoping. Now I want all the Lumiere/Cogsworth fic but AO3 is unhelpful on that front. I am, however, intrigued by some of the beauty and the beast crossovers that exist over in the AO3 but I'm not going to explore them from work.
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There are way more people in the office today than I expected. I'd say about 50% of our office is here on a day when most offices in the city are closed. I was worried it was going to be just me and the other newbs.

I worked from home yesterday and despite forgetting my power cord and the file transfers not working properly, I was so much more efficient. I think it's because I didn't spend the whole day waiting to go home.

Got a news article in my environmental blog today about self-healing circuits. Scoobies!
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Going to try, once again, to get into the habit of using DW and crossposting to LJ. (old habits die hard).

Cut for length, angst - and I was doing so well )

In other news: a bunch of idiots staged a flash mob outside the Community studio to protest its hiatus, in all likelihood proving to the studio how small the fanbase is.

They're making lego for girls. Who do I shoot?
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Downloaded a copy of X-Men first class to show [profile] funkadillo this weekend because it was between the first run and cheap theaters in Saskatoon. The person who put up the links had written, as commentary on the download "you're welcome for putting up this link. To thank me, head over to the kink meme. Read the prompts, write some fic. That's not too much to ask is it? Just a little fic to thank me for my hard work here?" I laughed.

Weekend was good. 14 hours of driving but it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. Saskatoon has better sushi than Calgary, which is not fair, and is a nice little town. I didn't actually see much of it, as we spent most of the time just hanging out and relaxing. C and I realized it's been 3 years since we last saw each other. Yikes!

Falling asleep at work this morning. Tea is lovely. Naptime yet? There was a Stampede breakfast in the office this morning so that was briefly diverting.
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Hello Livejournal!

I haven't been on here in forever! So much has happened; interviews attended, spirits crushed, the Calgary Comic Expo, scintillating career workshop that nonetheless seems like it won't get me anywhere, x-men love, hockey ...

But I'm not really here to talk about any of that. I'm here to, 6 months late, post a picture. I'm just going to link the url since I'm too lazy to embed and don't really like it when other people embed images.


Let me know if you can't see it; this is my first time trying dropbox to host pictures.
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Hey look, I'm remembering to post to my LJ and I'm even doing it from my dreamwidth.

Watching I, Robot (pretty good so far) and pretending that I'm doing work.

My friends are all at AN this weekend. Sad I'm not there.

This week has been a bit busy. I'm working full time now at my Mom's office doing data entry. It's tedious but I actually enjoy it and it's giving me the opportunity to listen to some audio books.

I've also got 3 job things happening now; only a week ago I had 0. I don't know if any of them are going to work out or how I feel about them but it's nice to know something will happen eventually even if none of these opportunities work out.

I've been downloading and watching a lot of Power Rangers lately. Feel free to judge.

Last night I had a dream that Tasha had a bunch of kittens but couldn't keep them so her borther and father (neither of whom I've ever met) came to destroy them but they were too cute so I stole them. I was going to keep them locked in my room so my dad's allergies wouldn't be aggravated. The kittens were really cute.

Go Canucks!
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Look, the Leverage Flashfic comm has our first story!

http://leverage-flashfic.dreamwidth.org/1048.html?#cutid1 <-- lazy at coding.
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Alright, my journal import is complete and I think if I post from DW it cross posts to LJ but not the other way around, so I guess I'm going to try and get used to DW functionality.

I've been watching a lot of hockey. Things I've learned; reporters in this sport often write ridiculous things and make a lot of unsupported conjectures. It entertains me. Also entertaining are my conversations with my non-MJ friends.
Me: I'm watching hockey
Friend: is a Canadian team playing
(usually I'm a badwagon fan who idly jumps on when Canada's doing well)
Me: No
Friend: Who's playing?
Me: (insert whatever game's on)
Friend: ... oh
Friend: Who are you watching that with?
Me: [personal profile] shihadchick and [personal profile] kathalcyon
Friend: O...kay
Me: I'll be watching the Canucks play the Hawks later
Friend: Yeah, I should watch that; the Canucks are doing well
Me: I'm cheering for the Hawks
Friend: Why?
Me: We like them
Friend (suspicious now): Why? And why the sudden interest in hockey?
Me: Because homoeroticism
Friend: Ah, that explains everything.

Even funnier was the one friend who after the "Why" asked "where are the Hawks from?" before I could answer.
Me: Chicago
Friend: Oh, okay. Well, I won't tell my Vancouver friends

As if the team being from Chicago explained anything.

Time for dinner at Kat's house.
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Everyone's making "Welcome to my LJ, MJers" posts. I would like to do the same but I can't think of anything to say!
Hi! If I friended you it's because I thought you were awesome. Feel free to ask me questions. There are a bunch of other people I thought were awesome who I can't remember usernames for.

(PS. Riddles of the Sphinx is a terrible movie, but Dina Meyer is pretty in leather and the alternative is applying for jobs, which I hate.)
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Someone who cares about this The Eagle thing that everyone's talking about should tell me what it is.
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Continuing with my reverse chronology:

MCR Concert )
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I'm going to write some posts in reverse chronological order. I have a backlog of stuff I need to post about but for now, let's just stick with what I'm doing.

I just got back from a trip to Guelph, Toronto, Norfolk and Boston. For the trip, knowing that Mark was reading it, I took The Book Thief out of the library on audiobook. I'm now sitting at work starting into his reviews (having finally finished reading his Mockingjay reviews and crying about them all over again).

I've said before that I didn't really like The Book Thief. The narration style was not for me and the story itself dragged. I also, however, noted that some of that might have to do with the fact that I was listening to it as an audiobook when it's become even more clear from Mark's reviews that this book should be read.

I have something to say in defense of audiobooks though: they create a strange link between book and situation. As I read clips from the first few chapters of the book, I'm jerked vividly back to the Guelph bus terminal, cold rain falling on my face, the smell of bus fuel in my nose, waiting in the wind for the bus driver to let us board. As I continue reading, I remember listening to this book on the long bus ride that followed and how I kept having to listen to pieces over again because I'd fall asleep (as I said, it drags). When I was in Paris, I listened to a book while I was walking around and reading that book can still recall me to Parisian streets. The end of the book I listened to while walking around Boston so that should be more interesting.

Back to Mark. Maybe reading his reviews will change my mind about the books.
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Have arrived back home safely in Calgary. Seems like ages since I was getting off the plane in Toronto. Now C's married and MJ's over. All I want to do now is drink tea and read all the fic I learned about while there.

Maybe I'll unpack and go through my e-mail first.

Should I take this temp position with the Canada census?
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I have all the feelings about this weekend, muskrats, New Zealand and Boston. However, I am currently sitting in the airport to go home, coming down with some kind of con plague and have all of the sad. I find myself incapable of coming up with coherent articulations of anything except hello new friends and I will weigh in on the muskrat posts tomorrow (while drinking lemon and ginger tea).
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Hi! I left my computer logged in at a con! WELL DONE ME!

PS Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!
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Today I spent $5.30 on dinner and then $5.90 on ice cream. Whoops?

My day in Cambridge )

My feet are sore and now it's bed time. Tomorrow, MJ!!!!!
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Okay, so yesterday I decided that the best way to start working would be to finish Dragon Age. As a result, I am ashamed of how much time I spent playing dragon age, how little I got done, how emotionally invested I am in that game (seriously, way more connected to my emotions in this game than in real life).

Now, in a much more productive Tuesday (not), I'm almost caught up on Community

I have at least managed to double check that all my trip tickets were booked properly.

ETA: the D&D episode of Community is making me feel better about my connection to video game characters.
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Hey Calgarians, has anyone ever actually tried to get to the airport using public transit?

Turns out my parents aren't in town next Thursday on that day when I need to get to the airport by 7 am. Originally I was planning on driving there and letting my parents grab the car on their way home from their trip except now they're driving instead of flying.

So, I'm thinking that the $2.50 bus far would be much more economical than the $60 cab ride, but I don't know if it's actually a feasible trip.


Also, does anyone know how to restore a file when you've accidentally said 'yes, replace this file with the newer version' and you really, really didn't want to?


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