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Alright, since this week and next week are going to be crazy here at work, I'm not gonig to be able to post everything I wanted to about this past week. *hears the collective 'thank god' and ignores it* I think I'll update about one day at a time.

Let's start with Thursday:
We drove out to Sylvan Lake to do soil sampling. It was really cool! I mean, I expected the first borehole to be kind of interesting, but I had so much fun playing in the dirt! The guy that went out with us had big scalpels and hammers and stuff to prod the samples with and I kept poking them and being like, "is this friable?" *prod* "How would you classify this plasticity?" *poke*, "hey look! This clay is blue!" To which my supervisor would reply, "That could be hydrocarbons. Try smelling it" and I said, "Cool!" Then proceeded to do my best Fraser impression. Turns out it was just blue clay, but I did get to learn what glycol contamination smells like.
I learned how to make borehole logs and I played with the cool borehole-drilling tractor thing. It was a pretty nifty little toy. I have pictures; if anyone cares to see them, I'll learn how to use photobucket so that I can post them.

In today's news, Cadbury chocolate caramel bunnies are my new favourite thing ever. Too bad Easter's over.
I hate the Japanese for getting everything first. Jakalope's newest CD is being released there next week but it's not over here until June 15th and the band is from Toronto with a lead singer is from Airdrie! If you don't know where that is, it's because it's a small city in Northern Alberta.
Also, everyone seems to be asking me this lately so I'm posting it en mass. I'm coming back to Guelph on May 7th. My flight will get into Toronto around 5pm Ontario time and Christian is picking me up from the airport.


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