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Okay, who wants to read my long post of doom!!? *thunder*
No one? That's what I thought. Oh well, this journal is for my recollection as well as social interaction, so I'm going to post anyways.

On Friday, I came home to discover that someone decided that the dent in the car needed to be fixed and took it to the shop. Also, my mom was gone the whole evening and Amy informed me that Mom was at a church woman's retreat. Since those things usually last the entire weekend, I assumed that car was gone the whole weekend too. I couldn't get a hold of either parent at either of their numbers and I knew my Dad wouldn't be home until about 11. I can't drive the standard, so I ended up calling the stable and telling her I couldn't make it because I had no idea how I'd be able to drive out there. I felt so terrible. Of course, my Dad called me back an hour later, which was half an hour too late to call Debbie back and my Mom ended up not spending the whole weekend at the retreat. The world is against me.

So, instead of sleeping on Friday, I watched QaF (I'm missing the last disk of the season!!), Stargate (yes, I finally watched the season finale. Anyone want to explain to me how the swords work?) and Cardcaptors.

I slept a good long time because I figured I may as well make the best of it. Then my Mom invited me to attend a funeral with her (I'm missing out on the stable for a funeral?! Oh boy!! *eyeroll*) anyways, it was actually rather interesting. I didn't know the guy but he was 91 and he swam at the Winter Club a lot so my Mom kind of knew him (one of her hobbies is lifeguarding) and she learned after he died that he's also the step dad of someone in our church and the uncle of someone else in our church. (Rae, if you're wondering, Dale Bergeson and Linda Campbell respectively. I saw Jolene for the first time in forever).

After that, my Mom also dragged me to watch my dad curl in the 'Curl for the Cure' event. It was kind of cool - the way it works is that each team of 4 gets given a pro curler to be part of their team. My dad was curling with Alberta's Scott team's Lori Armistead. While I was there, I met Lori, all of Canada's bronze medal woman's team (I got to touch the medal) and a bunch of other people whose names I don't remember. I also managed to get waved at by Cindy Klassen who was there as part of the speed skating curlering team. Everyone there was drunk and having a good time and dressed in the most outrageous costumes. I wish I was around in the fall when Rachel and the gang learn to curl. Anyone in Guelph think curling lessons would be a hoot?

So then I went home and booked my flight to Guelph (May 7th, 11 am) and talked to Caitlin about furniture. Then I read Catwoman and watched Flight of the Pheonix and Avatar. I also saw Justice League, which was hilarious. Lex allowed someone to take control of the JLA's females and force them to fight each other. Huntress and Canary managed to hold out against Wildcat and Hawkgirl, but Wonder Woman almost killed all four of them before they managed to shut down the operation.

Sunday involved getting together with Kat and Nikki at Nikki's house to finally finish watching Tokyo Mew Mew and we started on Mai HiME.
We ended up at Anne's for dinner and had a blast. They gave me trades where all the men on earth die ^_^ and I stole Anita Blake because it's been too long since I had a vampire fix.

My mom's leaving on Tuesday for a bit and I'll be in the field on Thursday ... I think I'm going to let others make all my long weekend plans for me. Although, someone please tell me that I can get very drunk on Thursday night? Anyone? I'll plan that (although I don't know where to go) if someone will come with me ...

For anyone in exams, good luck!
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TGIF. Really. I mean, it's been a good week, but I'm so glad it's ending.
CSI last night )
Okay, enough about that. I forgot to watch my Stargate rerun again because I was beating Mom and Amy at Settlers. The only reason that bothers me is that I still haven't introduced Amy to the awesome-ness that is Vala.
I've been reading Marvel 1602 in the train lately. Can someone help me out? )
I'm trying to write my resume but I have no idea what my marketable skills from this job should be ... I mean, it's less new to me this time around so I feel like I have nothing to say.
I clipped my nails yesterday. Most of you are now looking at me strangely, but understand that I bite them a lot and so when they grow long enough to need to be cut, it's an accomplishment for me.
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I hate my hair. Seriously, I can't decide what to do with it besides maybe shaving it off again. I'm not a very attractive bald, but it would be easier to deal with. I want it to be short and young-looking, not too rebelious but not too tame. I like the haircut I have now for the most part, but I can't seem to get it to do anything other than curl under like a cute little girl (or 70 year old woman) or have it look messy. And not a good messy - A I have one lock that sticks out in the wrong direction and the rest of my hair is flat and wispy at the same time kind of messy. *growl grumble* My hair doesn't look good long, but I may have to resort to growing it out just to get rid of the aggravation.

So I went to bed at 10:30 instead of 11:30 yesterday and OMG has it ever made a difference to my concentration level this morning. It's almost too bad that I don't have one large, difficult task to do today because I'd be able to really crack down on it. THe only reason I'm distracted today is that I keep reaching the end of progress that can be made on each of my projects.

I watched Dark City yesterday ... has anyone ever seen it? It was a really good and well-done movie except that I don't like how unforgiving the main character was towards the aliens. I mean, the only difference between what they were doing and what we do to lab rats is that they had a little more proof of our sentience. *hugs a tree defiantly*

Also, I saw Farscape. That brings the total amount of episodes of that show I've seen up to 2! Woohoo. I still haven't watched the season finale of Stargate yet though ... I'm hoarding it.

I need to grab Outsiders from someone so that I can continue reading Teen Titans and I need Amy to not be using the computer tonight so that I can write out my resume and send it to my NZ contact before he gets annoyed with me ...

As a follow up, pledges to the non-smoking charity donation drive of my coworkers are now up to over $3000.

Side note: There are more Teri's head pics but they were actually sent to me over MSN this time, so I have to learn to use photobucket and get them up in webspace before I can post them.
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I forgot to watch NCIS last night *is annoyed with herself*
However, I did watch a bunch of stuff that I had on tape. For instance, I watched this Saturday's ep of Teen Titans and what's with the writing sucking a lot more than I remember from last time I watched this show.
Also, saw an episode of Justice League Unlimited where Flash and Lex switched bodies. "At the very least, I'll be able to learn the Flash's secret identity!!" *Lex removes Flash's mask* "I have absolutely no idea who this guy is." *Teri cracks up* Seriously, there is nothing funnier than that line.
Also watched Avatar. I am becoming seriously addicted to that show. Good premise, great writing, realistic bad guys, plot movement ... seriously, it's really well done. ... I know, it's weird for me to like a show because it's good rather than bad. *may have been looking at Mystic Knight pictures yesterday*
Anyways, then I played some of my computer game and when Amy came in to see what I was doing, I made her watch Batman (I'm talking Adam West here people) and it was so ridiculously, awesomely bad. I'm glad I made Amy watch it with me because I may have had to stop watching it without her for fear of dying of embarrassment on behalf of the actors.
"But Batman, we're only going a few blocks"
"Robin, soon you too will be able to drive and car safety is of paramount importance"
"Goly Batman, when you put it that way ..."
Oh the pain!
Anyways, read some Catwoman and went to bed ... I'm a little confused about Catwoman because I jumped from 10 to 37 and I know Hush happened in there but I don't know what the riots Selina was talking about were and what exactly happened between her and Slam?
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After doing a few chores and cleaning up at Settlers, I called [livejournal.com profile] katrin yesterday because I hadn't seen her in forever. We couldn't decide where to go, so we drove around and ended up stopping in at the library because neither of us had browsed a library in years. Deciding that the library would be a good place to hang obviously makes us cool and not much like losers at all.
After that, we drove around some more and decided that neither of us wanted to sit in a smoky lounge when we weren't planning on drinking at all since, Tuesday, so that lead us back to Chapters where we wandered around because there were no seats available. For those of you that don't know, Rachel works in Chapters. How horrible am I that I take my friend away from her studying for a break and we end up at the place where she works?
Oh well, I was glad I got to see her.
I got home at around 10 and I was prepared to watch a couple episodes of anime with Amy. Turns out she went to bed at 9:30. Have I mentioned that she's on vacation? I mean, she can sleep in! *eyeroll*
I read comics instead. Then I dreamt about them. )
Vagina monologues tonight! Yay!
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I hate the orange juice that they have here, but it does have 150% of my vitamin C intake for the day and everyone around me is sick, so I'm drinking it anyways. I should remember to drink some at home in the morning.
So I watched "The Upside of Anger" yesterday while I cleaned the kitchen. I was quite suprised by how good it was in a slow-moving girl flick kind of way. The ending was ... unexpected and worth it.
The trade that Kat gave me has Mystique and Destiny both in it. I've never read or seen anything with the two of them in the same place at the same time. It's exciting. The comic store in Kensington is having a 20% off marvel trades sale ... I'm trying to decide if I should check it out on my way home some time this week.
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This report keeps talking about the JSA. It's very distracting.
(JSA = Job Suitability Analysis except I think that the people who wrote this report were just bored and wanted the JSA to come visit their job site. Maybe if I read further, they'll detail some heinous, environmentally-dangerous plot that would actually require the JSA's attention *is in her own little work-induced fantasy reality*)
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My mom's mad at me this morning, which, fair enough because I was all annoyed with her and being not very nice or helpful yesterday, but is it fair for me to be concerned that she's mad at me when she didn't even notice that I was mad at her?
Also, apparently my Dad's in Vancouver today. It's a good thing I learned that before I missed the train this morning.
comics )
I'll have to ask my questions of comic-y people. I think that means I'll be going to Kilk's tonight ... good plan.
Vala's back tonight!! *does a happy Stargate Vala dance* I'll finally get to introduce her to Amy. *grin*
Kat, I've decided that Thatcher is a lot like Shepard on NCIS. Do you watch that show at all? I've seen three episodes now ... It's pretty cool, though it'd be better if Micheal Weatherly wasn't poorly cast and/or was still Logan. Can I move to a dimension where that show never got cancelled?
Okay, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing right now, but I guess I'd better go find out.
I really need to decide what icons I want so I can start making them and have more than three ...
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Okay Kat, if I was going to take a phsyc course for my own interest, what would you recommend? I think you know my well enough to have some kind of idea ...
Also, how long were dick and barbara robin and batgirl together (in continuity) and which one of them left first? *was reading Batgirl: year 1* *is mildly obsessed with Barbara and Selina*


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