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Okay, I have the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in my head. Would someone please explain that to me? Because I don't think I've seen the show since I used to eat lunch at Catherine Digel's house back in grade 4.
Speaking of lunch, tuna salad sandwiches are the best on warm summer days.
The pool was really busy this morning and the three guys in my lane were all really fast so I ended up swimming much harder and I swam a kilometer in 20 minutes. I didn't think I could do that anymore.
So I watched SG-1 10-1 yesterday and what more really needs to be said than "VALA OMG SQUEE!"?
Also watched some Dr. Who with Jill because I knew it was a show she'd enjoy. Now on 9th Dr ep 6. Rachel, I love this Dr. so I don't know what you're on skipping this season and going straight to 10. Of course, I haven't seen any of 10 yet, so I should reserve judgement.
Oh, oh, something I forgot to note in my weekend post - On Saturday morning, I got up to watch cartoons with my little cousin and guess what was on??!! Captain Planet!!!! Nikki, I thought of you. Seriously though, how cool is that? I didn't know anyone still had the rights to air it. Now we just need She-ra to come out on DVD and The Smoggies to get put back on television and we're set. Actually, I think She-ra came out yesterday ... I sense a mall trip coming on.
I need to write a paper on socially-contentious environmental issues. Anyone passionate about something and want me to learn more about it?
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Okay, who wants to read my long post of doom!!? *thunder*
No one? That's what I thought. Oh well, this journal is for my recollection as well as social interaction, so I'm going to post anyways.

On Friday, I came home to discover that someone decided that the dent in the car needed to be fixed and took it to the shop. Also, my mom was gone the whole evening and Amy informed me that Mom was at a church woman's retreat. Since those things usually last the entire weekend, I assumed that car was gone the whole weekend too. I couldn't get a hold of either parent at either of their numbers and I knew my Dad wouldn't be home until about 11. I can't drive the standard, so I ended up calling the stable and telling her I couldn't make it because I had no idea how I'd be able to drive out there. I felt so terrible. Of course, my Dad called me back an hour later, which was half an hour too late to call Debbie back and my Mom ended up not spending the whole weekend at the retreat. The world is against me.

So, instead of sleeping on Friday, I watched QaF (I'm missing the last disk of the season!!), Stargate (yes, I finally watched the season finale. Anyone want to explain to me how the swords work?) and Cardcaptors.

I slept a good long time because I figured I may as well make the best of it. Then my Mom invited me to attend a funeral with her (I'm missing out on the stable for a funeral?! Oh boy!! *eyeroll*) anyways, it was actually rather interesting. I didn't know the guy but he was 91 and he swam at the Winter Club a lot so my Mom kind of knew him (one of her hobbies is lifeguarding) and she learned after he died that he's also the step dad of someone in our church and the uncle of someone else in our church. (Rae, if you're wondering, Dale Bergeson and Linda Campbell respectively. I saw Jolene for the first time in forever).

After that, my Mom also dragged me to watch my dad curl in the 'Curl for the Cure' event. It was kind of cool - the way it works is that each team of 4 gets given a pro curler to be part of their team. My dad was curling with Alberta's Scott team's Lori Armistead. While I was there, I met Lori, all of Canada's bronze medal woman's team (I got to touch the medal) and a bunch of other people whose names I don't remember. I also managed to get waved at by Cindy Klassen who was there as part of the speed skating curlering team. Everyone there was drunk and having a good time and dressed in the most outrageous costumes. I wish I was around in the fall when Rachel and the gang learn to curl. Anyone in Guelph think curling lessons would be a hoot?

So then I went home and booked my flight to Guelph (May 7th, 11 am) and talked to Caitlin about furniture. Then I read Catwoman and watched Flight of the Pheonix and Avatar. I also saw Justice League, which was hilarious. Lex allowed someone to take control of the JLA's females and force them to fight each other. Huntress and Canary managed to hold out against Wildcat and Hawkgirl, but Wonder Woman almost killed all four of them before they managed to shut down the operation.

Sunday involved getting together with Kat and Nikki at Nikki's house to finally finish watching Tokyo Mew Mew and we started on Mai HiME.
We ended up at Anne's for dinner and had a blast. They gave me trades where all the men on earth die ^_^ and I stole Anita Blake because it's been too long since I had a vampire fix.

My mom's leaving on Tuesday for a bit and I'll be in the field on Thursday ... I think I'm going to let others make all my long weekend plans for me. Although, someone please tell me that I can get very drunk on Thursday night? Anyone? I'll plan that (although I don't know where to go) if someone will come with me ...

For anyone in exams, good luck!
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stargate )
So I was planning on going to Kilk's yesterday but when Stargate ended, the walk to the LRT just seemed too daunting. As a result, I didn't get to talk about comics or Sunday or rant about my parents and my classes and I didn't get to return anyone's stuff and I didn't get to talk to Lex about Catwoman. Boo. I don't know why I didn't just go *hits herself* There wasn't even a new CSI on; what was I thinking?
Oh well. Sunday plans are made and I read comics and slept instead of going, so that's good.
Rae, you working tonight?
I can't believe how fast this week has gone by; I had so much to get done both at work and at home and there's not much I have accomplished.
Okay, I just turned on my iPod and it's playcount says 458 ... it was at 156 earlier this morning ... *is very confused*
I'm going to stop making random comments now and go back to remembering how to use Access (it comes back pretty fast).
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The engineering graduate theme this year is superheroes. I would totally go help out if I were in Guelph.
So I told myself to go to bed early yesterday. I was all ready for bed at ten. Then I decided to check out Legal Drug and told myself sternly I'd only read the first little bit. Two hours and three volumes of manga later, I hit myself over the head.
And why is there not more of that manga?
I think I'll tape the new CSI tonight so that I can get some sleep. Dad has once again given Amy and I tickets to Alberta theatre projects, so I won't be getting much sleep tomorrow night either before I have to wake up super early to go to the stable on Saturday.
New Stargate tonight. Yay. Also, I watched beneathe the surface yesterday. I had forgotten how much I love that episode.
Okay, somebody please explain this to me; there are certain 'free electives' that I'm not allowed to take because the material in them is already covered in my degree. Matrix algebra - yeah, okay, I can see that. That course would be a complete joke to me. But why is contemporary astronomy on the list? What do they teach in that class?
I'm debating taking quantum physics because it seems to be the only class offered in a format other than distance ed. If I don't have at least one class to get me out of the house this summer, I'll turn into a complete hermit. Besides, then I could pretend to be Carter *inno*
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SONATA ARCTICA TONIGHT!!! *is having such a good day because of that* Squee! I'm so excited.
In other news OMG Ripple Effect )
Also watched Survivor last week ... I may just let myself get sucked in this season ... the contestants don't seem that bad.
I want to go to Costco at some point this weekend but I don't think I'll get the chance.
I had more to say but I ranted too long about Ripple Effect and I just got an e-mail I've been waiting for, so I'd better get back to work.


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