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"I believe that it is possible to create a society that does not rely on the suffering for animals for our enjoyment. ... We have come so detached from our food, why can't we live in a society that does not eat meat? ...
When I read Regan's point with respect to slavery it made me think that there are a lot of similarities to the way we treat animals. We have abolished human slavery within our society so why is there still oppression with regards to animals? What is the difference? Colour? Shape? Intelligence?"

I want to pat this guy on the head. Too bad it's distance ed.
Why do people make posts like this? I don't understand how anyone can take a radical stance without thinking through all aspects of it first.

In other news, one of the girls in my env tox class gave a presentation today about green burial. It talked about how stupid cemetaries are. Did you know that we are contaminating groundwater with formaldehyde and mercury every time we bury someone and that caskets are almost all made from the rainforest? Crematoriums often don't have the environmental protection that would make them better, so this article is proposing that we start burying people without caskets and embalming and concrete liners to prevent earth cave ins.


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