Jan. 16th, 2011

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NCIS 806 )

I now am going to go watch a bunch of AMVs to try and find a selection that we want to show at Con-G. If anyone ([livejournal.com profile] otsquee, [livejournal.com profile] stickmarionette, [livejournal.com profile] strayfish and anyone else who might actually watch AMVs) has suggestions, let me know because having actual recs would make my life so much ... faster.
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Oh, I forgot to put in my earlier message. My parents are in Europe until Thursday. Dad's on a business trip and mom's going along. Before they left, I told the friends they're going with that they had to make sure my mom got in at least some trouble.

As a result, I keep getting messages from them that I find supremely amusing:
Message 1:
Hi Teri, here's your Mom in Lugano. Little did I realize what a challenge
you gave me. However, I've deputized my wife to help out with this assignment
and, with a weekend in Milan coming up, I'm optimistic that I'll have
something more exciting to report in a few days.

Message 2:
Greetings from Milan. Here is the latest status update. This is a pic of
your mother and my wife working their way through a bottle of Chianti. So far
the things are unfolding as planned. My wife is taking one for the team.
Actually not that much of a sacrifice.
Tomorrow and Sunday are days off so we will focus on the assignment. More

Message 3 - Just a subject line:
Your mother just chugged a beer in the pub! Progress!!

Combined with:
Well, here we are in London. As you can see, your Mom and Dad are
acclimatizing well. The beer is warm, the food cold! None the less, a great
experience. You can't beat a British pub. Next stop Paris on Tuesday. Will
report then.

Most of these have pictures attached but as I fail at LJ picture posting, you don't get them. They're not overly exciting - just pictures of my mom holding various alcoholic drinks.


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