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Continuing with my reverse chronology:

First off, I will say the concert was really great and I'm glad I went. Now that I've said that, I have a whole lot of negative things to say:

The concert proved to me conclusively that audience can ruin an event no matter how determined you are to enjoy yourself. The audience was absolutely retarded all pressing against one another and moshing when there were no bands on stage and pushing in waves that jostled everyone to no effect. We had to fight hard just to stay in place while we waited between bands and the Neon Tree performance was completely ruined for me by all of the jockeying for position. None of this would have been so bad except for the heat generated by that press of bodies.

By the time My Chem came on, I managed to stay there and enjoy Na Na Na, which they opened with, and then I wilted and just shoved backwards because I was so done. It was a bit better once we got out of the crazy press of bodies but it was still much too warm.

The band didn't have a whole lot of enthusiasm which I think has a lot to do with a) the crowd killed itself before they made it to the stage and b) they had a drive from Calgary to Salt Lake City to look forward to as soon as the show was over.

Still not sure about their playlist choices. They played Planetary Go third and Black Parade back to back with Teenagers halfway through. When I finally gave in and ran to the bathroom for some cold water, I was trying to figure out what they'd play for the encore and thought 'oh, SING of course'. Nope. And they played Cancer, which seemed a strange choice. They also played a lot more of their slower songs, including Cancer, than I was expecting.

At the beginning, Gerard thanked the audience for being patient and giving them the opportunity to release the album they wanted to create. Yeah, they know what they did.

In conclusion, why wasn't [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick there?
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