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CSI last night was not the best story they've ever come up with, because it was an easy case to crack. It was, however, kind of fun. And Amy and I had a discussion about which female CSI character was the hottest and it amused me.
I should know better than to start reading Kate Forsythe novels at 11. I told myself that I'd read a couple pages ... 50 pages and an hour later and I had a very difficult time getting up this morning. Honestly, what is it about the way that woman writes? I mean, the book isn't spectacular ... it's like she laces the pages with some addictive narcotic ...
Oh, on the level of hilarious, there's a character named Katrin. Well, okay, she's not a character so much as a mention ... one of the other characters relates how she went out with Katrin on her first city leave and Katrin drank some fuzzle gin and threw up all over Felice's shoes and couldn't go to class the next day. *grin*
So today's my last day. Not really that much to do; just tying up loose ends like binders I have that belong to other people and letting people know my home e-mail ... I'll be sad to go though. We're going out to the Barclay's patio for lunch today because it's freakin' nice outside. I'm hoping there will be pitchers of beer involved so I'd best get my work done this morning ...
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Okay, so I'm a little suprised none of my flist has posted this yet
OMG CSI! edit: the TV shows Guelphites. No actual incest involved )
In other news, sometimes the people I work with are the coolest thing ever. We went out for lunch at the Thai food restaurant and they forced me to not pay again and then we went to the Chinese bakery and bought coconut buns. They spent the whole lunch hour making lewd jokes. I felt like I was in Guelph.
Kat and her friends are finally going to the bar on Saturday and they invited me to go along. Figures that we'd finally get our act together on the same day that my mom's 'big huge she'll kill me if I'm not there' United Way Fundraiser dinner. I'm hoping that she'll let me get out of cleaning up and let me go to the bar.
Anyways, 3 more hours of work. I can do this. Then I'm going to Nikki's house to watch the Olympics and finally build my website. Or at least start building it. I don't really know how it works, but I'm hoping it will at least be on-line by the end of the night *is excited*


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