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Hey Flistians!
Need some help here:
Backstory: My mom went to do a fundraiser at the casino yesterday and brought Amy and I back two spent card decks. Amy and I decided this was boring and that we need to alter said card decks until they were more fun. Apparently Amy has a Newsie deck that her friends made her and I told Amy about the Naruto card deck that Tabby's making and we tried to decide what to do with our two card decks.
Eventually we decided that we needed to make at least one of the decks an OTP deck so we can play go fish with it.

To that end, flistians, I am looking to make a long list of OTPs to choose from. Amy and I had 20 by the end of the night yesterday but some weren't very good. The only catch is that it has to be an OTP that both Amy and I are familiar with.
We still haven't decided what the other deck should be (we're toying with HP) so if you have any good thoughts about that deck, let me know.

To continue with the story, we thought about putting in 4 characters from each show so that the pairing could be more interesting, but we couldn't think of four characters that could be paired every way. I have a couple for Naruto, but Amy hasn't seen it. Newsies, Batman and HP almost worked for that, but Ron/Ginny, Batman/Huntress and David/Race didn't strike Amy and I as being great pairings ^_^
We also decided to add some death cards so that if you hate the character, you can kill them instead of pairing them. Could make for some interesting cross-over pairings with the left over half of the pairing. I'm tempted to add a Scott Summers card just so I can kill him a lot.
At this rate, it's going to end up being a whole new game.
Jill has a deck that's supposed to be Greek gods, but only the face cards are, so I think I should start collecting pictures to revamp her deck while I'm at this ... Lord knows I have enough pictures for whatever we decide to do.
Anyways guys, add input if you feel like it.
Also, I'm rewriting my 'Teri must see' movie list, so if you know of any movies I need to have on my list, let me know that as well.
Oh, and someone remind me to go on line and grab songs from the number song meme when I'm at my own computer.
I should start working now. Have fun!
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Okay, so
Hush, and you might hear me squee )
I think I'm going to create a section of my website that is entitled 'my idols' or some such and just go on a picture fest.
Penny and Aggie )
redstring )
In other news, I'm trying to plan my week ... I don't think I have plans tonight ... tomorrow I'm going to Words and Pictures (I wonder if it's worth it to buy that new volume of Princess Ai) and then I don't think I'm doing anything ... Wednesday is group get together night. I'm trying to convince my friends that they have to see Advent Children.
Thursday ... I should check if there's a new Stargate and CSI because I'm going riding on Friday and I have to find time to go watch Underworld with Amy because she actually seemed excited about it ... I feel like I'm missing things on this schedule ...
I have to send Grandpa a b-day gift from my Dad and get those care packages sent off and finish those blasted Christmas fics ...
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Okay, so I'm a little suprised none of my flist has posted this yet
OMG CSI! edit: the TV shows Guelphites. No actual incest involved )
In other news, sometimes the people I work with are the coolest thing ever. We went out for lunch at the Thai food restaurant and they forced me to not pay again and then we went to the Chinese bakery and bought coconut buns. They spent the whole lunch hour making lewd jokes. I felt like I was in Guelph.
Kat and her friends are finally going to the bar on Saturday and they invited me to go along. Figures that we'd finally get our act together on the same day that my mom's 'big huge she'll kill me if I'm not there' United Way Fundraiser dinner. I'm hoping that she'll let me get out of cleaning up and let me go to the bar.
Anyways, 3 more hours of work. I can do this. Then I'm going to Nikki's house to watch the Olympics and finally build my website. Or at least start building it. I don't really know how it works, but I'm hoping it will at least be on-line by the end of the night *is excited*


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